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Fret Buzz The Podcast is about music: guitars, performance, education, gear, recording and production, technical skills, music theory, composition, etc. We love all genres of music from rock to jazz to metal to classical to world music.  We strive to produce thoughtful conversations about musically related topics for those of you who share our passions.

Fret Buzz LIVE Songwriting Club

•Join us as we discuss intros, structure, transitions, lyrics, melody, harmonies, length,

instrumentation, mix levels, production, pitch, performance, technique, and more.

•In our LIVE sessions we give constructive feedback so that we may become better composers and songwriters.

•If you would like an outside perspective and feedback on your song, hit the button ---------->, and with fresh ears, we'll help you as best we can. Happy writing!!!


Welcome to the FBTP Songwriting Club. It's kinda addictive...


Music Handbook

We are creating a "Music Handbook" that will help you take your technical skills and overall musicianship to the next level.

Coming soon: the Fret Buzz Music Handbook!


Enjoy the superb writings of Anthony Scaltz, covering various musical topics.

Next Steps...

Let us know who you are and what you'd like to see from us.