Quist has built an enormous online presence through his jam-backing tracks, and he recently performed as the lead guitarist for Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music).  This Danish guitarist has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Coachella, Glastonbury, and Abbey Road Studios, and has established himself in the Los Angeles music scene.  Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray enjoy an awesome conversation with Quist, diving into his musical journey, his jam-backing tracks, the LA music scene, and building and maintaining an online presence.
In part 2 of 2,  Quist talks more about the origins of his backing tracks, and how he built a following on YouTube.  The guys discuss balancing the work-load of YouTube video releases, other musical endeavors, and personal time.
Aaron and Joe ask Quist about opportunities to do session work and to tour.  Quist says that he is selective about the work he accepts – it has to be great music with great people or the right money!  His advice for acquiring this work involves 1) being great at what you do, and 2) networking, especially through jam sessions.
Quist reminisces about his most exciting performances and studio experiences: highlights include performances at the Hollywood Bowl and the Royal Albert Hall, recording at Abbey Road Studios, and performing in Colombia with Mike Dawes (fingerstyle guitarist).  The conversation ends with a discussion on the eternal quest to improve as a musician, the insane levels of talent that exist on the internet, and the importance of playing meaningful, emotive music.
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You also obviously are known for your online presence, how… tell us about
that journey. Yeah, I mean it was born out of kind of passion you know and like and
notice maybe it was a little bit of a coincidence as well but like I like I
said you know I’ve been making Jeff I made the jam tracks when I was a child
you know and so in London I before I started touring like full time I was
teaching at what could be called London’s version of musicians Institute
like the the place that turns out the most like high profile session players
basically so I was I was teaching there and at one point I was teaching students
about improvisation and you know concepts for of that nature
and I was like well let me make you a jam track for what we’re talking about
and like so I started to do that with some of the students and I did that by
YouTube you know I was like well I’ll just put it on YouTube and you guys can
go there so like the you know if you look at might some of my very first
videos it’ll be comments from like students that that’s
Guu you know or university rather and so it was like it was just like doing stuff
whatever was in front of me and then some of those jams like some of the you
know modal jams that I put up they lay I wouldn’t say blew up but like they they
found an audience pretty pretty quickly and and so I was like oh okay that
there’s there’s something here because I didn’t see anybody else doing it pretty
much and certainly nobody was doing it the way that I was doing it like I did
my thing with a solo at the start and then you know leave the space for for
somebody else to to solo and so yeah it was just like wow okay something is
something’s right here and it was crude as hell it was I mean they didn’t sound
great I didn’t know much about anything to do
with making music I mean I knew how to make music and play things but I know
how to record anything very well at all like I was pretty crude so it did not
sound amazing it was more because I think that there was not a lot of stuff
that was out there at all so it was like filling a void more than more than
anything the content the content content yeah but was content that wasn’t there
you know some few were like oh I can practice my deed or and if I you know if
they were searching up detour and they’re like oh I can jam on this let me
try that and then so so so I think that in all honesty was how it how it kicked
off you know and at the beginning and then I I now stopped teaching and
started touring full-time with like various artists and on my own in you
know based on London but like everywhere in the world basically and then I just
started to record like the jam tracks on the road so that’s why you see them from
and then I add one point I started writing where I was just kind of for the
heck of it to also to remember all the goddamn hotel
tell rooms along the way you know so I started to notice note where I was and
also because you know just to kind of stick out as well because nobody else
that I know of does that you know makes jam tracks and records intros from all
over the world and so I thought well let me just you know I’ve got something
going on and it just built up through many years you know I toured for a you
know toured for a long time with various artists and especially I mean that the
last five years of touring and realizing that I could make this I could make this
a thing that pays for the bills and pays for where I live and things like that
you know I realized that a little while ago went and so I’ve just been that guy
you know on the tour bus just working all the time so I just put in the work
you know and and put out like I mean it’s 700 tracks or something over the
last now know a long time so so it’s it’s just continuous work you know and
China see what people are people are enjoying and rolling with that and you
know rolling with what I love and what people seem to enjoy so I got I got not
roped into but I I steered towards doing a lot of Blues because you know you know
I have loads of blues tracks with you know you know more than a million views
each and like those those really get hit up by a lot of people so I’m like well
I’ll make some more of those I love playing the Blues yeah so I’m gonna play
the blues you know and uh and and so much jazz tracks got very big as well so
I’m like well I’m kind of a jazz or at heart as well so I’ll play some jazz
tracks so for somebody comes into my world they may be a bit confused because
I can be a bit Swiss Snivy about what I do but but it but you know em but yeah
so the success of the YouTube channel is literally just a guess because I just
built up paying it’s you know a lot of people over a
long time just listening to people and China is say yeah I love this thing you
love this thing let me give you some more of that and then just leaning into
what’s working constantly do you do a live on YouTube at all I did a series
last year well is live on YouTube but I did actually two different things but I
didn’t really have I couldn’t make my equipment work with it properly okay it
I did like a I did a live Jam which was like three hours long I said myself
thing where I played on it I made a loop and played on it for three hours and wow
what my what my soloing would be like after three hours and and after I did
that video everything I did on YouTube was out of sync Oh though I don’t know
if like I messed up something in YouTube or whether my equipment what whatever
happened I just could not fix this sync issue so eventually I was like just I’ve
just gotten the news I mean I had a really old iPhone after that for the
last long long time I’m not like super interested in taking things to do with
you know phones and stuff but I just got the very newest like excess iPhone so
I’m actually gonna start doing some more live stuff on YouTube because the you
know the sound and picture and everything the reliable reliability of
of that scenario is pretty good so I’m gonna probably gonna start doing some
more life stuff okay I didn’t I know I didn’t know if you you had done any like
live Q&A; with Quist it would be kind of cool yeah well that’s what that’s what I
was doing the-the-the kind of series I was doing was like I would you know jam
and then just like Q&A; sitting chat to people and and that but people get
annoyed when it’s a super bad picture picture quality and be like out of sync
you know that’s kind of tedious to watch so but I think that I will have
eliminated those problems now so I’ll probably do some of those yeah do you
guys do those kinds of things no I would love to I think that would be
once we build our fan base a little bit more yeah I would love to kind of go
down that route and be yeah it seems to be working for a lot of people that I
follow and you know obviously I follow it so interesting even though I may not
pitch in I do definitely like to see what audiences have to you ask and and
some of the responses I just like that interaction so yeah yeah it’s super
valuable for you as well like because you know it’s like you’re you getting
fed you get fed all the information about what’s great and what’s not you
know and yeah it’s it’s just it’s makes so much sense for a lot of levels to be
doing q and A’s and and that kind of interaction I love that about the
internet you know the way that it’s enables people to communicate now I make
full use of that I think it’s amazing and it’s exciting you know so with your
YouTube live experience even though it it seems you’re saying it’s been limited
did you advertise for a period leading up to the live session that you’re gonna
go live on whatever date at this time and and then what was the showing like
like did people show up the people stick around for large periods of time I will
be perfectly honest with you because I literally tried to fix the technical
aspects of my live stuff throughout doing those things like you know like I
was like I was trying to trying to make it good enough quality for me to like
properly push it because I didn’t want to properly push it before I was like
yeah this is now great and nobody’s saying hey it’s out of sync or or I you
in like Timbuktu because the quality is like four pixels and so so so I I didn’t
like massively push it at any point but yes I mean I would like leave leave it
up on like maybe Facebook or whatever at the time I’ve kind of start a new
Facebook a lot anymore but like I’m you know maybe tweet it or whatever you
know but but yeah that’s that’s the way to do it but but I think what what I did
which was probably helped the it creates some people was that I are creating
audience which was that I did it regularly you know I did it every every
Sunday I took that from my good friend Marty Marty Schwartz you know yeah he’s
you know through his you know but I mean he’s been doing his Saturday one o’clock
live stream which was on Facebook only before but now it’s also on on his
youtube channel but like you know when he stopped doing his first big YouTube
channel you know um guitar jams and and started his own
current YouTube channel the whole interim you know he really pushed his
his Saturday live jams and everything like that and I’ve done like I don’t
think five of them or something I’ve not been on his his show many times
and like it’s awesome you know and he doesn’t I mean he puts it up on like
Instagram and whatever that he’s got such and such guests or he’s talking
about certain and such and but he you know you don’t have to do that much
advertising after a while because if you do it every day for like it alright
sorry every uh every week on a certain time on a certain day for literally
years you will have built up a nice audience of people that are like eyes
says it’s you know it’s Marty Schwartz lifetime you know yeah yep that helps
you know and and as a creator myself I’ve started making use of that
principle in I’ve started I mean I started I’m forever trying to find like
a good balance between committing to a certain release schedule and being free
to create because them because like with the majority of my time is spent and the
majority my income comes from things that I create at the moment so I’m
always trying to leave enough space to grow
with things that are created especially when you create with other people but
like I realized that having a set thing is very helpful for creating an audience
so I started in April I started a new series called Wednesday warm-ups which
is like Isis because I love like warm-ups and like when I go out and play
a gig I always warm up really well like it’s just one of those things you know
I’m like it’s probably the belly thing coming up again you know I like to I’m
kind of an athlete at heart I like to warm up and do things properly and stuff
like that so so to make some more creative and kind of musical warm-ups I
started this series where I do a warm-up every Wednesday and and but like that’s
one day a week and it’s just you know it’s time-consuming but it’s I can I can
stop still got enough space to like you know roll with larger creative projects
that are time consuming and and and that sort of things so uh so I yeah what I’m
saying is there’s definitely there’s a value in having something like repeating
like that and something that people will show up for again and again and you
build up a thing you know with people because they keep coming back and
Stephanie good thing but like at one point I went way over and I was like I
said okay I’m going to be releasing tracks every week every day so I
released tracks for every day and I was touring like full-time touring at the
same time in in started about April May 2016
I had like a four five month period or something when I was touring the world
all of the world and creating tracks every single day on YouTube and it was
insane I can’t I couldn’t I couldn’t like you know I was a shell after that
and and I couldn’t create anything of like larger projects like like you know
I was trying to finish a record and I was trying to you know do other stuff
that I would be you know very happy to see probably more happy than one gets
the onion jam tracks so this is always getting the balance right isn’t
mommy I’m sure that you guys can cannot have you know will know what I’m talking
about it’s always like a balancing act balancing what you know what’s really
working and balancing what’s making you happy balancing you know getting getting
towards the things finishing the things that mean something to you and like it’s
always a balancing act as a musician I fear and like saying no to things that
maybe don’t take you down the road that you actually want to be going and things
like that it’s hard but it’s also great you know I’m super grateful I feel like
my life is constantly putting out whatever fire is like right in front of
me right after this I’m gonna be cramming for my I’ve got a three hour
jazz gig to see this evening for the rain cuz doesn’t hit us too hard so like
you know I know the songs but it I haven’t played these exact songs for a
little while and I yeah you know I’m gonna end up take the dog on a walk and
then I’m gonna be playing those songs until I until I load up the car to go to
the gig yeah but then it’s like okay well then I’ve got gigs all next weekend
that I’m like different stuff yes just constantly like what do I have to
prepare for tonight you know oh I need to I mean I don’t do nearly as much in
all honesty I don’t do nearly as much with the episodes as Aaron does Aaron
does lots of work I mean I struggle just kidding just kidding episode
descriptions written and things like that like get you know corresponding
with you you know people like you about guesting on this show Aaron I mean you
do like at one point at the beginning when you weren’t as streamlined you were
saying it took you like eight to 10 hours an episode to edit down and prep
get it out there yeah it’s really time consuming that stuff well there’s a
there’s a there’s whenever time and whenever you take on and mist goes
across the board you know whenever you take on a new
project that is something new you there is definitely a learning curve
and as long as you’re willing to work with that learning curve you know and
Whittle it down to you know streamline it and it doesn’t matter if it’s
podcasting or learning a new instrument or learning you know audio production or
whatever it is that you’re passionate about you you do have a tall wall in
front of you but you just chisel down bit by bit and it it just becomes easier
and easier after a while that is the joy yeah you’re so right like that the more
you do something the you know the better you get at doing it efficiently it’s
that’s that’s so true like you just develop this mythology mythology yeah
methodology that’s the word thank you like you know and then things gradually
becomes more more streamlined yeah and that’s the joy of doing it over and over
again yeah well an experience that I would really like to hear about that we
haven’t gotten to yet really is the session work that you’ve been doing in
LA oh yeah do you consistently do studio sessions
where you’re paid to come in and play on somebody’s album and you’re you sign
away your rights the music you just you’re paid I’ve done a fair few of
those yep that’s certainly one thing that I do and the I mean okay so yeah
I’ll say yes to a tour as well the tour the touring and the studio work are
definitely things that I I do hear now but I’m a little bit selective about
that stuff actually to be perfectly honest like you know sometimes if the
music or the price isn’t right I’ll have to say no at the moment because because
of what I do myself is working I feel like when I I have to justify when I’m
not working on my own music it has to be justified by either it being great music
with great people or or that the pay packet is is right and
that sounds really cold maybe or Oh calculating oh man and I know I think in
my entire time you know it’s just I just you know you gotta be selective as the
musician like and you gotta steer steer your path like fastest I try to anyway
you know I really try and be rigid about what I say yes to and what I what I say
say no to and and and this sounds really bad but and where which context I get
seen in stuff like that you know and because I’ve really tried to do at this
point you know I’m not 20 years old anymore and I’d like to I’d like to be
doing you know just the stuff that I love to do all the time that’s all
that’s been my you know probably for the last ten years I’ve sort of worked
purposefully at towards being able to be in a situation where I literally spend
all of my time doing what I love to do and and maybe that sounds like a stretch
or maybe that sounds like an easy thing some people are I don’t know but like
it’s that’s a challenge and it’s not just like a chance to get to that
because I feel that I’ve kind of you know I’ve gotten a long a large part of
the way to getting to that and actually like I’ve worked really hard to be able
to you know I don’t have to say yes to anybody’s offers of doing anything at
the moment because I’m making enough from doing my music which is something
I’ve worked at for so many years and I’m extremely thankful that I’ve gotten to
the point where I can say that you know where that is the actual effect it makes
sense I mean you for anybody who’s worked a
really long time and paid their dues and really gone after their dream and never
given up after a period of time yeah I think you’re granted that idea that you
know what I don’t have to say yes to everything because
I know my value I know my I know my bow my time is very valuable and I enjoy
what I’m doing regardless and if someone would require my services it’s got to be
the right fit yep I’m at that point in my life where that just makes sense yeah
I try to remember that sometimes you forget and just roll with something
because you like mm-hmm well I could do with like some extra money or I could
you know this and that but I try and elevate myself to the the thought
process that you just described very precisely right there yeah and sometimes
those one offs maybe you may find something really really interesting you
may want to take a project here and there that’s just absolutely I just said
yes to something that I would maybe normally do but like to this bands there
are great people there are really lovely people and they have some gigs in South
Korea mmm that I’m gonna go and do in a in a few weeks and all and I’m like you
know that like when stuff like that comes about I’m like nice people not not
that related to what I’m doing however nice people
great music I love I love the music and like I get to go to South Korea and get
paid well it’s like you know it’s when things come together like that you’re
like okay I’m there’s no way I’m not going to jump on that yeah but so I’m
yeah I feel very thankful for being in a place where opportunities like that can
can come around you know and and and and yeah
but I I don’t I don’t like seek them out as much as I maybe could or you know
that has I don’t see them out as much as many other people do in town you know a
lot of people this is the town of of networking and smooching and going out
every night and meeting people and shaking hands and then getting gigs with
big artists and blah blah and strutting your stuff constantly in various
scenarios this is the town for that in and I try to force myself to do it a
little bit sometimes because things come and opportunities arise when you are in
the game you know so I definitely force myself as a player to go out and do it a
little bit but but like I don’t do it as much out of need as as much more sort of
out of you know knowing that life opens up when things happen and people come
your way and you make yourself available to the world you know and like it’s for
anybody who wants to do work as a session guitarist you know or like to
get paid playing in all sorts of scenarios you know like part apart from
step one which is be you know be great at what you do and like really have you
know you can’t do the work and like do the shedding for four probably years and
years before you’re ready to present yourself as somebody who people want to
employ but then the second big one is you know you gotta be out there and like
meet people and and strut your stuff you know and like do jam sessions and all
that kind of stuff and I never really did that that much but like whenever I
have things have opened up and I’m like oh wow I wonder what would have happened
if I of what would happen if I did this all the time you know like if you
literally went out and you know really showed yourself and like it shook lots
of hands and did you know because I see people doing that you know you have a
friend who just moved here from Nashville and he like booked a lunch
meeting with me as soon as he moved here and like we had a chat and like I sense
that he was very networking and like working his way into the scene and now
like he’s been here for not even a year now he’s out I just saw he posted that
he’s touring with Dakin Jimbo Dakin oh yeah right so they’re doing like a
string updates over the next few months and like he’s the bass player in that
now very cool he’s actually from Sweden originally but he was in Nashville for a
long time I met him when I played at the Ryman Auditorium he came to that show
and then we it off but likes he’s a nice guy but
like pretty new to the LA scene and he’s just like scored a you know a major rock
gig and man he’s like extremely networking and just like you know really
all the jams showing his page shaking the hands and and so that’s how people
do it you know if anybody was wondering well it comes down to that balance thing
that we were talking about before you know any time any point in time in your
life that balance shifts and you may at this point in your life for the next
three months six months whatever it is need to go out and and promote yourself
and get yourself known within those networks and start to kind of build
yourself up but at the same time if you also have an ass that if you were
established as a brand you definitely need to take that time throughout your
day or whatever it is on another period of time where you needed to kick eight
that time towards you and your brand and building whether it’s online presence
and doing videos or because that obviously takes a lot of work and then
you know doing both at the same time or even a third thing where you you know
you’re playing with artists you’re touring with artists or you’re recording
artists there’s a very balance that you kind of have to take on and in terms of
okay where are my priorities and how do I you
know what is my main goal over the next six months do I want to build my brand
do I want to get networking out there do I want to yeah there’s no matter no
matter what each one of those is gonna take time and it’s gonna take time away
from one another yeah and everything always takes more time than you think
yeah more than you like to accept so something always gets pushed down the
priority list and then you have a year later you like oh that was that thing I
was you know that’s a continuous thing for me you know I always load up my
calendar and then choose you know it’s like you to Paul Hogan the attitude it’s
like you fill your mouth and you chew as quickly as you possibly can I think
instead he said something like that around King Crocodile Dundee like you
basically you know you choose fast you can to get you know whatever and then
whatever gets done gets done no and but yeah that’s kind of my methodology but
and that’s can be hot kind of hard on the old nervous system you know that if
you’re just constantly like he was saying you know you constantly like
today you have to chase after the gig you know you got to learn you put all
that stuff inside your head and then like run out to the gig and play it all
and then you get back you’re like oh there’s those gigs in the weekend that I
got to fill all this my head with all these other music and learn it and mm-hm
continuous thing where you always like running after the next thing and III
feel that very much and I think probably a lot of people don’t realize that
that’s the actual life of most musicians that make it you know as full-time you
see it’s like it’s not just like this life of yeah got my gig and I’m going to
the gig and then we got chilled halves beers it’s like no there’s some of that
but it’s what happens after that’s like okay I gotta keep on rollin yeah because
that gig is gonna end exhausting to go out and network at bars I’m always it
used to be so much more fun and now that I’m in bars so much playing like the
last thing I want to do what my night off is go to a bar like I just spent the
last three nights and bars and right yeah and being in a bar if you’re out
late at night networking then you’re not waking up early and getting stuff done
well I’m an early I get I’m far more productive in the mornings so just it
tears me up to be out late to like I feel like I lost a whole day of work if
I’m out late yeah I know I he I get out like clockwork every morning it doesn’t
matter how late I go to work as well I go to a suite so sleep deprivation it’s
like a it’s a it’s a joke you just gotta keep drinking coffee yeah but it’s you
know it’s a I get times where I’m like okay I’ve gone too far into not having
enough sleep and then I’m like I gotta cut something out at some point in terms
of the workload and then like have a night or two where I try to
like not work or whatever it was I I my body tells me like sometimes it’s like
okay too much yeah you need like more than four and a half hours of sleep for
like five days in a row you know like it starts to get a little no that was me
last week my my heart smile I started twitching on a daily basis like oh yeah
he’s like yeah that’s um yep you need to get some sleep yeah well just like you
want to listen to you know an audience your buildings you gotta listen to your
body yep yeah right I definitely try and do
that and my body talks to me quite often at the moment yeah yeah but like you
were saying I think there is a time and a place to grind you there is definitely
a period in your life where you have to push and you have to you have to go
through it you have to kind of build your your identity up within the yeah
the environment and you do eventually fingers crossed
not always it’s not a guarantee but eventually you get to a point where you
can say okay I’m comfortable and I can take on clients that I want to work with
and then you know everything is is good I don’t have to grind as much anymore
because I’ve paid my dues yeah maybe yeah I I man I don’t I’m so far away
from feeling like I’ve paid my dues oh yeah
I don’t know yeah winding is that become such a part of the fabric of my life you
know just like it’s just it’s just the default thing you know and and I’m proud
of what I’m kind of achieving somewhat proud I guess but like I am so frickin
far from some of the big goals that I know that I have that that I that I’m
I’m not there yet you know so I’m like and I and that’s also what helps me to
focus on the right things and say no to certain things because I’m like getting
more and more to make myself really aware of of you
know the goals and and like where I want to go and like and grind use that grind
to try and get there you know and or get somewhere that sits in at least the
region of where I’d like to where I’d like to be you know yeah with the idea
of the I like to often try to think of my cup being half full you have achieved
some incredible things I mean you just like just like it was very casual the
way that you you’re like yeah I’ve played at the Ryman and in Nashville and
you just like we didn’t talk about anymore but you’ve played some
incredible venues you’ve had the opportunity to play with incredible
musicians yes I mean I feel very blessed for that if yeah you’ve been able to do
great things so what you know what were a couple of your favorite like the thing
like life defining gigs or performances well the Hollywood Bowl was was it was a
big one I’ve performed that royal habit whole like yeah actually a quite a few
times well the first time I did it was was
supporting it’s a really long time ago but it was me and an Irish girl
supporting like this band and it was completely sold out but so they weren’t
there for us but like it was the first time I played it and it was literally
just the two of us me and I guitar and her singing in front of a full Royal
Albert Hall oh that was that was one of the first times that as a session
musician somebody had gone you know alright cool I see you there you can
handle this right just hold down the instead the you know the music part of
this little situation you guys playing for well I would hope that was one of
the the moments where I was like okay yeah I can there I I can do this because
they went well and that was that was a big moment and then like recording at
Abbey Road we did I did a series with an a great American singer actually called
Christina train she got sang Bluenote she was out
touring with Herbie Hancock on fiddle and singing so she’s a very talented
musician but she did a an album with Blue Note and then she did a song sorry
an album he’s got signed with what was Mercury Records at the time in England
and so I got coolant to to do that thing and it was really cool that project she
got like playlist and got some you know she pretty well in Europe but it didn’t
fully kick off which was a real shame but anyway we did it a lot of the really
big media and press in in England and one of the things we did was this series
that they had at Abbey Road on I think channel 4 one of the big TV stations
where they had you know an artist coming to Abbey Road and then they filmed it
and recorded it and then it was you know on TV and whatever and that was my first
time I’ve been to every word since then but that was my first time at every road
that was a that and again one of those things very like yep Abbey Road Beatles
there’s like but yeah my most recent one blabbering on here but em no by all
means but my room I just appreciate you know it’s the kind of things that I mean
I try to appreciate those moments now more than ever because you know it’s
like I feel like sometimes life is that as a musician is like you know 5%
amazing freaking moments that you cherish forever and then like 95 percent
grind you know it’s like richer or travel you know 50% travel which also
can be kind I like to grind while I travel but like but the most recent good
one moment that I had was in last year in October I did some shows on my own in
my own name and playing like you playing solo I also played with some other
guitarists I played with a guy called Mike Doss
oh yeah he’s awesome fingers oh yeah yeah yeah he said like one of the top
like finger small dudes and we’ve really hit it off and we actually we ended up
collaborating and on some songs that night our a few
nights actually and we’ve also just recorded in this studio we’ve just
recorded a couple of songs together that will come out soon cool into LA as well
but by anyways this was in Columbia at like this guitar festival in Columbia
and and we had I had some great moments with him but I also had some moments
where I was on my own just doing my music in front of like it was like the
two best nights were like and there was an outdoors gig where I got this idea to
make a loop out of the ending of one of my songs and then just because I just
seen all these fingerstyle guys interacting with the audience and being
like the other one of the other guys was Tom asleep I don’t know if you know that
guy he said one of the og like finger style dudes from all the way back to the
90s but like em he was pretty amazing at like dealing with the crowd and whatnot
so I was like I kind of like gonna step up and do something here like because I
was on like after these guys so it’s like an open-air thing like a lot of
people but the people up for it and it’s just me and a guitar and a loop so like
what can I do so I started doing this I you know set up a loop at the end of my
song this song called science and traffic and just been listening there
right but I like I made out like a solo version of that song and and then I just
felt I start to play phrases and then it was like singing a lot of sing it to her
and then they would sing it and so I got this call and response thing up with
like this pretty big crowd on this outdoor gig and then and it really
worked and people Greece you know saying it
back to me and I was like that was the one of the most powerful moments girls
because it was a spur of the moment thing so that was one of the like the
most uplifting moments but actually that was that that was the start of it then
we played some other gigs during that tour and the last one was at this
massive theatre called El Teatro Adolfo something in in Cartagena in Colombia
and it was full and it was like it you know
like Allen 1500 mm like a big theater full of people and I had those people
singing back my lines that night after having like kind of practiced it with
other crowds and that night it was like that’s one of the best nights in memory
that I can think of because you know not only was it a you know I play for many
crowds that size but I was there’s me on stage doing my music and having them
sing that back and the singing bit you know is I don’t know it’s just another
level of interaction when you get people to sing back at you you know that really
I haven’t played a gig since then without having making people do that
because because it works so well that I feel like like that that made me connect
you know people want that like they want to be included in the performance
absolutely I think you know the way that I make music and the way or some of the
music I make I think is not that inclusive like it can be very nerdy and
very technical and and I want to reach people but I’m also kind of a quirky guy
you know and so you know doing something like that which is very inclusive it
completely helped and it really made a big difference in terms of like feeling
that holy shit I really I really connected with that crowd and they think
they felt something when they were you know and and and I felt something like
an area and very few moments I can think of that made me feel as amazing as
having like a full theatre play back my phrases that I was making up on the spot
that’s that’s that’s living in my book you know so I kind of I wanna you know
I’m gonna chase moments like that from from you know from from here on out hey
if you if you never did anything you know quote-unquote impressed like
successful in the music world again you’ve already like you know you could
you could relive those moments in your head for yeah but I’ve got that going
back to what Aaron saying about like resting your on your
not resting and your lower arms but like you know reaching a place where you can
not grind I don’t know if I will ever get to that man I law which doesn’t spur
me on like a moment like that will just spur me on to try and get more there’s
something even better you know like is be a man as a musician man I think we
all have it you know it’s like or anybody that you know make something
happen and makes it you know makes it work as a musician you know it’s in your
DNA to just be like hey what’s next you know let’s do this as you get better to
your instrument you you’d think you’re like as soon as you can do the thing
that you like set out to do like technically on the instrument or
musically it’s like as soon as you get there or by the time you’ve in the
process of getting there you’ve discovered all the other things that you
want to you know the nut the next level and it’s you’re just you can’t ever get
there it’s a constant struggle of yeah well I can do this amazingly fast
pentatonic Eric Johnson thing and now I see that like that’s what I thought was
cool a long time ago and now that I can do that it’s it’s this thing that’s two
steps away it’s just never never anything yeah one thing that’s scary
about nowadays is I mean I used to like and I know it’s super cocky but I used
to feel like I’ve even said it on like mainstream media and Denmark like that I
felt like you know I could play anything that anybody’s gonna want me to play
mm-hmm and that’s pretty cocky to say that but I was like you know I think I
can work out most things and make it work but like I’m gonna have to take
that back now cuz like looking at looking at certain players now and like
what people are able to do and like it’s you know it’s pretty it’s a pretty
interesting situation what the guitar world has gotten into now because you
know people have unprecedented like access to learning and like just really
can and some people you know will their parents will like it not even just
facilitate they might even push people into really digging deep
from an early early age and like you know so now you have like monstrous
players that are like super young and all these kind of you know there’s all
these like especially like the all the legato kind of guys you know like the
people that have taken like the Holsworth stuff your next level like you
know you have Tom Quayle or you have a really new a new guy call and if you
come across Alex sill then he was just out with some kind of pretty fusion
legend dudes but anyways he literally just did that and like he’s just like
young dude he’s here in LA but like he’s got that little thing down way like you
know it’s like that you want to play and I’ve wanted to play like a saxophone
player for a long time hence like doing a lot of sweeping like Frank and Bali
style and like you know I love all that like a the idea of being able to fly
like a saxophone player you know up and down and just you know really fluid kind
of stuff there’s guys that are doing that with legato now that I’m just like
what just happened like just patterns upon patterns that
they’ve worked in you know I’m you know it’s gotta be done slowly I guess and
just like worked in these combinations like a patterns that just create this
ridiculous flow and then I gotta take my hat off and be like okay yes that’s next
level you know and there’s that’s that’s definitely happening right now that you
you see you start to see players that have taken certain certain aspects of of
guitar to like a level where you like what yes and inspiring but you have to
you know despite all the the you know showy things that people can do it I
find myself more as I mature as a player I find
myself trying to play less fast I like I listen to videos of myself and it’s too
busy and I’m like it has to be a better player I need to play less is more the
problem that I’m dealing with Karelian trying to trying to fix like play the
right note at the right time you know maybe you know play fast when it’s
called for but land it right and yeah yeah yeah most people just don’t care
that you just the majority of people listening unless they’re like guitar
guys yeah or girls like they don’t they’re not as impressed by the speed
and you know technique they’re more impressed by something that hits them in
the heart yeah I was gonna say it’s the emotion you know it’s and that’s what I
try and focus on like and I’m I don’t feel like I’m there but but like I I I’m
becoming increasingly aware of and trying to focus more and more on the
emotion you know that you’re creating and sometimes it’s hard when you’re when
you’re a musician like we are and you can disseminate everything and you can
you know you can you can really pull things apart and and and and you pull
things apart as a default thing you know you can I’m like I listen to something
and I’m like okay three four Dorian mode oh he started that phrase on the – you
know stupid stuff like that just immediately registers and then but and
then when once you start to make music you know you realize that stuff about
your own music and then most people are not most people but many people
including myself can sometimes get caught up in focusing on those things
you know like where it’s like oh that that bit was cool or that bit I didn’t
really hit that thing as good as as well as I wanted to or whatever and then
sometimes you lose sight of what’s really I mean it depends what you’re
trying to do but like if you’re trying to communicate with like people and
maybe not just guitarists then it’s like you know you want a payment do you want
you wanna pay some attention or you know –
what general emotion that’s happening there and I’m trying to focus more and
more on that you know because it’s like pretty a large part of what music is
most people is what it makes somebody feel and and that’s why you know you
know uplifting music or funk music or you know dance music or whatever is so
popular because it’s like people are like yeah I know how I feel when I
listen to that I feel great so of course I’m gonna want to listen to that you
know mm-hmm it’s pretty simple yeah so yeah I am I try and you know
sometimes steer through you know steered towards or our teens make myself aware
of what I’m trying to create in terms of emotion for for other people I think
listeners are becoming a very aware of that as well that the music scene is
becoming very aware of or the you know listeners are becoming aware of what
they’re using the music for you know like with Spotify it’s like there’s the
playlist so like you know chill reading studying study music driving music you
know things are music music is kind of becoming a commodity and you know a lot
of people that are doing well as music makers are doing well because their
music is being it fits into a certain scenario you know I know I know some
people that within the fingerstyle community because I worked with that you
know this label that have a lot of the fingerstyle guys and some of those
people do really well on Spotify because they they churn out these kind of
acoustic chill things that just get playlists and unlike major playlists for
people that just want to have a chill vibe on and so they just put on like
this playlist with Spotify or they’d get played in you know bars and Starbucks
and you know restaurants all over the place and they you know they’re stuck
you know they make dosh out of that just because the music is being used at is
you know for a certain vibe and good on there it’s a good thing
awesome will Aaron do you have any other questions I have just one quick one I
definitely want to be respectful of your time that’s cool
I would like to know where the name Quist came from that’s part a and then
Part B what is the future for yourself well Chris this part of my last name and
also phonetically Quist means twig in Danish and in Swedish I guess and I’m
like not I’m not I’m not a big man so tweaked to again this sort of made sense
so quest it wasn’t laughing questions I was a teenager awesome
so that’s that and yeah I I I’m gonna continue what I’m doing because some of
its kind of working pretty well but my main focus is to create more music that
I’m actually proud of I feel like I put out a lot of music that not as proud of
as I’d like to be and there so I’d like to make some music that I’m confuse hit
you know all the factors came together at the right time so I’m gonna keep on
chasing that making some music that I’m actually proud of and and building my
audience you know the way that that people do and my focus is to come out in
my own name and do things like the one I just described in Columbia I want to
make that happen a lot more and going back to what we were talking about
playing with other people that feeling it’s you know it’s something that I love
as well so I I’m working on finding the the best way to go out and play my own
name both as a solo artist but also you know with a band probably a solo artist
but with a band I want to make that happen more and
that’s certainly a focus because that’s kind of the missing puzzle in my current
scenario like I really focused a lot the recent gear I focused a lot on
building my own thing in my own name because it’s because I can actually you
know I can actually live off now I don’t have to do for the things but like I
said it very start of this interview as well I’ve been a performer since I was
ticked so I need to perform and I love to perform with like big artists and
stuff and I will do that again and continue to do that but I you know in an
ideal world I will get my own thing to the kind of level where I can go and
tour properly in my own name with without band with me Kristen the
Heartbreakers I just did a record here with somebody
who’s very influenced by its own period we did one of the 30 songs and one
it’s pretty great music I actually saw him at the Hollywood Bowl like weeks
before he died oh yeah he’s it’s amazing I love Tom but his muse here
weirdly enough last night I had to look up damn the torpedoes because I didn’t
it was used in a sentence and I didn’t really know what it meant so I had to
look it up realize oh yeah it’s a it’s an album of his but I didn’t there
really you realized what I meant Tom yeah but yeah he’s amazing right yeah I
hope that answered it yeah that that’s that’s that’s the plan and that I just
want to thank you guys for for you know the exposure on your on your channel and
and on the podcast thank you it’s it’s been a pleasure we really enjoyed having
you if you could let everybody in our audience know where they could go to
find out more about you oh yeah sure and well my website is a good starting place
it’s a Quistorama like Futurama but Quistorama so Quistorama.com
and I mean my youtube channel is a is a the hub of
creation I guess like that that’s where the a lot of the stuff comes out first
and that’s Quist TV the URL is QuistTV so you can look up Quist or QuistJam or
or whatever
and that’s it yeah oh yes RIT places to find my my stuff it’s been really fun
I’ve enjoyed getting to ask you lots of questions and it’s been really really
great to chat with you guys I really appreciate and hopefully we’ll meet in
real life yes indeed yeah awesome thank you so much guys yeah
Thank You Aaron. Thank you! Later. All right.

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