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today’s episode, we’re going to get into
bass guitar and some teaching styles.
We’re also gonna get into a little bit
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So yeah, sit back, relax, enjoy the
conversation between myself, Joe, and
Randy on Fret Buzz The Podcast.

I want to
get more into your mind about like
actually playing the bass like your
thought process in you know say you’re
playing in a jam band and you’ve got I
guess I want to know two things if
you’ve got a simple chord progression
what’s your how do you approach a bass
line you know based on the chords or
based on you know
Pentatonics around the the key of the
song or mixture of both yeah I’ve got
that written down as well they cool yep
so it’s this idea of especially for
guitarists because guitarists when
they’d write a bassline it’s not a
bassline now keyboard players can
write really mean bass lines yes but uh
I mean some guitar players can – but
for me I think it’s dependent on
the style but if we’re talking like the
jam music you know kind of dancey which
again we say jammy is such like a wide
thing to say because he seriously it
could be swing jazz it could be like
almost metal like Umphries like it
could be anything but I think it’s very
it’s all focused on the groove like
especially the simpler their progression
then I focus way more on the rhythm that
I’m hitting and because often with pitch
I’ve found especially with you know if
it’s a sort of typical set up which I
would call took a typical setup like a
keyboardist and a guitar player you know
I want to stay out of people’s ranges
right and I don’t want to honestly I
don’t want to lose people in because
it’s really easy when you’re jamming you
know and you’re improvising to just get
lost in like just shredding really I
mean it really is a kids do it you know
when they’re learning and they they’re
like oh I learned my pentatonic scale
and you know you see them Jam and
they’re just
going up and down the pentatonic scale
and they’re you know they’re not focused
on the rhythm and stuff which is great
you need to explore to figure that kind
of stuff out yeah for me I’ve found that
it is so hardcore about what rhythms I’m
playing as opposed to what notes and as
long as I’m sort of like I’m I’m super
happy playing the root and the fifth but
in a pattern you know what I mean like
you said like a D Dorian right yeah so
like if you have that in the minor 7 to
like the g7 kind of typical they I think
to me it just depends on what the
drummer’s doing and then I’m going off
of that and I’m trying to make it is
groovy as possible so you trying to
match the kick drum you trying to stay
out of you know kind of not play at the
same time as certain hits to fill the
gaps yeah yeah I think it’s really just
a feel thing because you’re making it up
on the spot like a lot of times like
even songs that like we had like
I almost played anything the same like
for example with broccoli samurai or
just want to go do anything you got to
add your flavor right mmm but I will
let’s I mean okay so if I’m gonna use
this example a lot of a lot of jam music
is very cats right it’s very or on the
floor like dance beat kind of stuff so
with that I don’t have to match crap
like every offbeat if I want as long as
I’m you know probably hitting on the one
just like Bootsy said but I’ll play
around with that because a lot of times
you know drummers sort of they either
love it or they hate it I’ve noticed
like some drummers are just like oh god
I gotta play the dance beat again but
sometime other than happy cuz it’s
simple and they can do so many other
things you know I always saw opportunity
for me to like okay sweet this is
totally open for me to create whatever
groove I want now I’m liking I’m hitting
on the one and maybe not even every time
people as long as people can find that
and they can you know keep feeling like
they can dance
that’s just wasn’t like an as far as
that goes
oh yeah okay no that’s cool I mean if
you were focusing on the rhythm seems
like sounds like the kind of thing you
would hear from Victor Wooten it’s
stressing the importance of of the
groove I think chapter one in his book
the music lesson is the groove yeah yeah
doesn’t matter what notes you play you
need to play in time yeah I mean my
teacher I had a super dope teacher he’s
like he’s actually a true fire artist I
don’t if you guys know like true fire TV
is mm-hmm
his name’s Marie Serena’s and he’s you
know traveled and been studio and then
live stuff I think he actually learned
from the same guys joe satriani – uh-uh
but he I learned from him privately for
about eight years and he was so so
hammering on me about you know rhythm
rhythm rhythm rhythm Zev Aretha’s guy
rhythm how do I sound like this rhythm
of river what notes are you playing
he’s like the notes don’t matter just
practice your scales but you need to be
focused on the rhythm you know and then
eventually it sort of just collides like
when you you know you have your theory
knowledge but then you have your rhythm
knowledge and listen like it didn’t make
sense for a very long time and then one
day I was you know starting to play out
and especially play like a lot of jazz
and then it clicked and I was like oh
wow like now I just know what notes to
play and it’s more about where to put
them you know cuz space can be really
important it just depends you know I
mean if you want to sound like a the sub
you know Cynthia bass you know no space
is important so I just think I think I
think more about rhythm
than anything and I that’s a that’s a
harder thing to grasp to just cuz it’s
kind of based on how you feel and you
know what can your fingers do you know
like in your right hand or could use a
pick you know how fat move it
how syncopated of a groove can you
really play and that all just came from
these rhythm exercises like I had a huge
rhythm book given to me that I never
made it all the way through but I want
to one day but I mean
and I will take like drum exercises too
and use them like on my right hand and
you know thinking about a guy like Jaco
or Victor you know they do some things
that are so crazy that like people are
like wow that sounds like so many notes
but it’s only three notes you know but I
like 80 different rhythms you know yeah
yeah the other thing that I will say for
everybody in the audience and Joe is
having played with Randy in the past he
is a sick drummer like really good like
beyond the point where like yeah that
guy can play drums no no Randy can play
drums like you’re really good so you
have that advantage in terms of being
able to think like a drummer right and
then being able to apply it to the bass
as well right and then from my kind of
where I was gonna go from that is is
that from my experience is that it’s
kind of interesting that working with so
many musicians over the the past whether
they’ve been my students are just people
that I’ve played with it seems as though
the bassist or the drummer is the one
who always takes up multi instruments
it’s the you know the piano usually
plays the piano or the guitarist usually
just plays the guitar and he can play
some drums or something like that but
it’s always the bassist and it’s
always the freaking drummer that’s like
yeah I’m really good at everything
mindset it is it really is yeah I mean
for me actually I picked up drums first
so my brother Tyler he was me and him
had a band like that was the first thing
we ever did with music in high school
yeah I remember just gonna get a little
nostalgic for a second I remember when I
first time I ever wanted to even play I
was kind of like getting out of playing
sports when I was young and I was trying
to figure out what I was like good at
and like in middle school I you know
felt out of place my brother there every
day would shred the drums and he was
just naturally really good at it
I look at it as like man it’s so
annoying I’m trying to play xbox dude
one day I went down and I was like hey
man so you should show me something and
he did he just taught me you know a cat
cats right like a regular beat didn’t
tell me how to hold the stick stand you
know just sort of let me go free and I
could not get up I skipped school like
the next couple days I just literally
was like mom I’m sick and she was like
oh okay you know and I like would do
stuff like I’d get up and do jumping
jacks real quick and then get into the
bed so I had like a hot feeling head you
know my mom full in as you know everyone
was gone during the day I got to
practice all day so within a week like I
was like kind of playing I just pound
and I just worked my way through it I
really learned through just like having
a pair of headphones and at the time an
iPod and I just was trying to copy
whatever I heard and then we met this
kid Cory at high school me and him
became friends and he haven’t played
guitar and I was like ma’am you know
what are we missing here Oh duh bass
like I guess I’ll play bass you know cuz
that’s kind of to me like any rock bass
player or a bass player with like a
primarily rock background kind of gets
started it’s just like well I play drums
I play guitar well I play both of those
but I guess I’ll settle for bass and
then that was when it was like oh no
like I don’t even need to worry cuz
nobody else plays bass that this is what
I’m gonna get good at this is awesome
yeah so drums is definitely my passion
to just just like I remember after the
band with with my brother in it like
trying to find a drummer that was as
good as him was impossible just at the
time because we were so young so I was
just like well I guess I’ll just get
really good at it so I can like keep
writing my own music and then eventually
it came to the point where like trying
to find drummers and bands that I was in
I was like you have to be better than me
and I’m the bass
yeah yeah very fun yeah no and it’s it
yeah like I said going back to where we
have originally were started in terms of
writing for base I’m sure you have a lot
of that going in your mind in terms of
what the drummer is actually doing and
how you can play off of what he’s doing
and anticipate some of his moves
actually yeah yeah that’s another cool
thing I noticed is with with drummers
you know like you said anticipating
their moves is a really cool feeling
and yeah writing writing parts and stuff
it helps a lot just to anyone listening
like if you play you know bass you’re
essentially playing drums like in
vice-versa because people think bass is
a very pitch instrument but that’s why I
going back to what we’re talking about
earlier to me it’s very rhythm
instrument like it’s very percussive um
you know you don’t even need any notes
except for that route you know if you
that route Jesus from lettuce is a
really good example they have a song I
think it’s a cover song it’s it’s called
do it like you do and it’s line is
literally one note and he just keeps
this nasty stanky groove to it whole
time he never changed the note like the
whole studio recording is just a D on
the bass do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do
and he just does that the whole time and
I’m like man first of all like nobody I
know would be satisfied because we would
get bored like span is not you know it’s
just like oh my god I gotta do something
else like I’m just throw a C in there
okay right yeah actually do that with a
lot of my my students when I’m teaching
them to improvise
from the beginning like here’s your a
minor pentatonic box whatever and I’m
gonna play groove and I want you to just
I want you to improvise using one note
and then I let him use – oh that’s a let
him use the the notes on the beat the on
the guitar of the B string use those two
and then I’ll let him use all four of
those notes on the high E and strings
and it’s a great way to like like I’ll
show them the whole pentatonic box but I
do not focus on especially the lower
notes and
they’ve they can groove with a few notes
hmm that’s really I never thought of it
as a baseline but it is the same concept
Oh totally I mean yeah and I mean I feel
like it’s just used a little differently
you know I mean it depends on what your
what you’re trying to do though because
like wow that’s a really good idea I’ve
never thought about that before um yeah
I think that with my students yeah
because like I’ve talked it’s hard to UM
and I remember showing in the Box you
know and as soon as you show them
something on that low e-string
that’s always where they start when
they’re starting am i yeah yeah you know
and they’re working their way up but
it’s like you know play where you want
to play like is a guitar player I mean
to me at least when I pick up a guitar
there’s like a certain range that I just
which I don’t know you guys are guitar
players but there’s a certain range that
I see like two soloing I guess but I’d
you know it was always hard to get those
students to like kind of climb up the
neck they always want to stay down low
but I’m like you’re not playing bass man
anyway like I’ve started just making my
students do a similar thing like when
they learn a scale I make them learn it
on one string and be able to play it all
the way up right only using you know
their index finger to really try and
because technique is a really big thing
for me too I’m kind of harsh about it
and I’ve probably lost a couple of
students from it in the past I’ve
learned to like be a little gentler with
beginners drive you crazy though and
you’re like you’re developing a bad
habit yep just do what I’m saying Yeah
and it’s like also just practice but uh
yeah oh my gosh nobody practices I mean
I was a terrible student when I was
younger so I know you know where they’re
coming from but after teaching for so
long it’s just like you know you think
this feels funny but if you just do it
over and over and over and are willing
to suck you will get it like essentially
and I think that’s a big thing with bass
which I’ve noticed a lot of people sort
of skip out on either as a student or is
the teacher and I’m still kind of
learning even how to explain it some
really get it but just how to like you
know not squeeze you know like you
gently you know use your fingertips and
stop them fly fingers similar to guitar
it’s just you know it’s bigger and a lot
of times you know you want to play on
that low end of the neck and when you go
there it’s you see people just you know
your hand is and that’s really wants to
do whatever it takes to play that note
but it’s like dude you’re gonna like
tear a ligament or something well I
think a lot of that comes from you know
the beginning years you’re really trying
to get the strength behind your fingers
in terms of being able to actually press
down and get that tone out of that
string but but as you grow as a player
you always need to keep in mind and I
don’t think teachers actually like teach
this is is that as you grow as a player
you’re naturally gonna gain that
strength in that finger you don’t have
to keep on working on the strength
because then you actually almost have to
approach it like you were just saying as
the opposite where you just need enough
pressure right where you’re pressing
this the string just so it’s making
contact with the fret yeah so ultimately
when you’re playing the guitar or the
bass you’re almost playing it
effortlessly because there really is no
like pressure in your left hand it
should be loose it should be like very
easy to play with your left hand and you
shouldn’t have to squeeze it’s just very
light light touching almost like like on
a keyboard you’re just kind of touching
the keys yeah and I mean you know
sometimes that kind of comes with the
quality of the instrument or well yes
yeah the action right say a lot of times
of I mean I’ve seen guys that can that
can play but then they picked up my bass
and they’re just like whoa dude I can
fly and I’m like well let me see yours
in there yo you can stick a pencil
underneath of their string and I’m like
whoa you know do you know how to adjust
this and they’re like no it’s hardly you
know it took a lot of people decide I’m
like it’s so easy I learned from YouTube
and Google right like you know and
actually I broke one of my old guitars
it was cheap thank God but I just go
over tighten the truss rod so much yeah
and then I learned you know I was like
okay but you know I feel has a lot to do
with it but that’s a very important
thing to me am I playing and I
nothing makes my day more than when
someone comes up to me and is like I
couldn’t even tell you were playing yeah
yeah that’s that makes me happy yeah
there was a teacher that I that used to
teach at our school and every so often
he’d pick up my guitar and play and he’s
like I’ll do it’s not a tune and I’m
like no no no no don’t don’t don’t touch
my tuning pegs like you’re you’re just
not playing the guitar right you’re
squeezing the heck out of the guitar
like just lightly Mike guitars perfectly
in tune you touch my tuning pegs I’m
gonna kill you light you mashed the
strings oh why why you would do that but
my gosh yeah yeah yeah and I mean you
know strapped height – oh my gosh
Maurice you know I praise him and
honestly I learned a lot from you –
Aaron well when I worked with you yeah
because you guys kind of like some some
gurus to me thank you the same way about
Aaron yeah yeah good but yeah like I
learned like you know again rock and
roll background yep and you start with
the thing hanging at your knees yep you
gotta bend your wrists and you look like
a t-rex that’s trying to play the
instrument you know and you know I
always tell my students like okay you
see how you’re playing now bend your
wrists and try to move your fingers and
it’s really hard and I’m like now
straighten it out you know and you move
your fingers and you can move freely
stuff like that like that’s on it
honestly that stuff is probably running
through my mind when I’m playing more
than like the notes and so I’m actually
playing I’m just like am I using proper
technique is my teacher here like if
he’s watching me right now I hope he’s
proud right right because you are
playing a show for three hours and you
want to make sure at the end of the
three hours you’re you’re feeling good
because if you’re if you’re not if
you’re not doing correct posture and if
you’re not thinking about how you’re
approaching the guitar of the bass by
the end of those three hours you’re
gonna be hurting and then by the way you
have another show tomorrow night and not
only that but you’re driving so you’re
pretty much just in a van so you’re not
getting up and moving there’s not like
one flow you know through your body yeah
if you’re not driving
sleeping in an uncomfortable position in
a seat or on a thing and yep with four
other smelly dudes sometimes a dog our
drummers dog pepper on tour awesome
honestly it was the most stressful
leaving things like I’m just gonna say
it bitch that was like the best thing
you guys could have done yeah yeah that
was definitely cool
but yeah it’s it’s like that and I think
a lot of people just kind of you know
they don’t you know if you don’t think
about those kinds of things it’s like
well how serious do you want to take
this you know even if it’s just playing
at your house you know don’t you want to
be able to play for the rest of your
life and like that’s stuff like Maurice
really instilled into me you know he’s
like man even if you don’t become a
musician like you you want to have this
skill that you can do forever because
it’s honestly the most fun thing that
there is to do you know maybe besides
like sleep sometimes yeah yeah it’s true
man something that you would take with
you forever right
a lot of guitarists or musicians get a
lower back problems and things sitting
incorrectly while their practice is
leaning over man it was just oh man I
had the student this week I’m looking at
him and he’s kind of he’s got his hair
over his face and he’s lean and down the
entire time time like dude you gotta you
gotta stop punching over and looking at
your fretboard like I I try to teach all
of my students that when they part of
practicing is is like just lay down on
your bed or whatever it is but turn out
the lights like just completely turn off
the lights or close your eyes and don’t
look at your instrument feel it don’t
don’t look at it you’re gonna kill your
neck but just and then beyond that and
the most important part is this like you
just feel the music you you it’s not so
much about what you’re doing with your
fingers and looking at them or they I
mean yeah there’s that part of it yes
but you definitely want to strive for
that point of your musicianship where
you don’t have to look at your fingers
you can eyes kind of feel the notes
behind underneath you and just kind of
think about what’s going on and
anticipate your movements and and like
tony has said in the past you know try
to go through that part that part of
like ah da ting what you’re
play and maybe a sing it I just watched
a lesson with Adam Neely and how he he
was sitting with this female and how
they were just kind of you know they’d
sing a line and as they were singing the
line they would actually play with it as
they were singing it kind of like what
Jimi Hendrix would used to do you know
sing a line and he play along with it
that’s extremely important because
you’re thinking about the notes you’re
not thinking about your technique yeah
that’s part of practice is practicing
your technique but you have to go beyond
that you have to think about the note
value and how it sounds and you know
it’s it’s really cool I couldn’t agree
more man I make all my students play
with the lights off and I can tell when
they haven’t been yeah room they’re like
yeah break your neck to try and look at
the note but yeah and another big thing
with me is playing in front of the
mirror or now that we have you know
computers in our pockets like recording
yourself because that that outer angle
and people are so scared to do it
because they don’t want to look at
themselves but like I mean I wasn’t
first to but I remember oh that’s
probably like my third one with Maurice
and I honestly was so intimidated by
that guy cuz he was the best teacher I
ever had and the hardest one and he was
just like trying to explain to me what I
was doing wrong the first thing we went
over was my technique because I really
thought I knew what I was doing when I
went in there and I’d like to be like no
you can be way better and here’s how and
he kept trying to explain to me I was
having trouble getting it there’s I’m
more of a visual learner and so he
drugging this like seriously like a
full-body mirror and put it right in
front of me and it was a pretty small
studio so it was it kind of weirded me
out for doing mirror you see you’re
gonna play in front of it for the next
half hour like everything you play
you’re gonna you’re gonna stare at your
hands via the mirror stop looking at
your hands and you know you’re gonna
wear your strap higher and stuff like
that and so I started doing that with my
students too I remember I freaked this
one kid out really bad I brought in a
mirror and he like went and told his
parents and I was like no no no this
isn’t weird like
I don’t want him to look at his hands
and they were like oh I don’t know yeah
so it ended up never coming back but
funny as funny they were like what
you’re a weirdo what are you doing with
our child right right I’m trying to
teach your kid that’s what I’m trying to
do it was pretty funny dude but uh yeah
I think that’s the singing thing too
that’s such a huge thing for me
especially when it comes to improvising
because like Joe asked earlier what am I
thinking about or something when I’m
improvising like how to kind of get out
of the box of course like practicing
you’re out of the box things you know
like everyone learns their 7 modes but
how often do we go outside of those you
know like I checked out this bass player
his name’s Robert Bobby Lewis and he’s
amazing he’s ttours with so many a-list
people like he 21 years old I think he
did his first tour with like Snoop Dogg
but yeah and I’d but oddly enough you
know this guy is the guy that you see
shredding on MTD seven strings and stuff
like in his name you know what I mean
which of those those are the touring
guys of course that’s like who I follow
on Instagram a lot it’s like I don’t if
you guys have heard of mono neon oh yeah
absolutely phenomenal yeah what he does
with people’s vocal patterns is like
what are you how oh wow next level and I
mean another guy I tried it sound like
for sure but the singing thing really
helped me get good at improvising
because I had a period where I was like
in 1819 I just gotten with Maurice and I
was learning to read from a private
teacher at the Community College I went
to school for for music for it and then
I was also like in jazz ensemble it was
just like all this new stuff happening
at once and a lot of it was very
improvised based because they just threw
chord charts in front of me and I’m like
what do I do with these like you don’t
play on a bass you know right
then I learned that you actually do you
know it’s like arpeggios and you know
sometimes I could actually play like a
chord like an actual you know three note
chord like at once yeah so that was
pretty cool but the singing thing really
helped I do that every time every show
even if it’s a even if it’s a tight
bassline that’s prepared or if I’m
making something up or if I take a solo
I’m always singing it yeah you know you
like a lot of times people are like oh
man I saw you I like mouth moving are
you talking to someone while you’re
playing and I’m like no I try not to do
that I’m talking about my baits yeah
yeah so yeah it’s cool you guys bring
this stuff up you know say honestly it’s
I love getting into the mind musicians
and then finding out how similarly
everyone really thinks no matter what
instrument you play well what style
you’re into yeah yeah it’s so easy
that’s what we try to do here there’s so
many there’s so many sources to like go
and you get you know guitar lessons and
bass lessons on YouTube and everywhere
but it’s rare that you find people who
actually dig in and and get you know
deeper than the surface level here’s how
to play this song I mean there are there
are a few people out there doing it but
we try to we just want to hit everything
from every angle and yeah you know I
agree and that’s actually something I’m
working on right now so obviously you
guys know I’m my brain is like baseband
yeah I was just gonna say tell us a
little more about baseband acoustic so
first of all I love that name yeah do
you guys know crash bandicoot oh yeah
yeah and I hold that I have this crash
bandicoot like stature because I have
like big feet and I wear shoes just like
that and I used to rock jeans and like
the top em up so I was I was always
pretending I was crash bandicoot so I
don’t know that name was fun everywhere
I go people like that’s such a dope name
so I just kept it I was like cool but I
didn’t really even know what to do with
it before Brock
remember I was kind of just learning
like really about social media and the
internet and how you can really utilize
that but it was a slow going process you
know the music work-life balance you
know it’s kind of difficult at the time
because I was younger and I just did I
was just thinking like wow all this has
been in front of me I really need to
utilize this like I can tap into
millions of people as opposed to just
you know the 40 or 60 I teach or
whatever like in person no and so I
started you know doing a couple covers
for YouTube which is actually how I
ended up really getting the broccoli gig
because you know when you have stuff to
show people that helps a lot yeah and
you know so the bass bandicoot brand is
first of all I produce music like
electronically I do it for like hip-hop
artists and the goal is to try and push
it to get licensed out to film and TV
and honestly anything anything people
want music for the real dream is video
games because I’ve always had a passion
for video game music yeah and I spend at
least one day a week during practice
like trying to learn a video game song
just as the compositions are so awesome
yeah they are like especially like to me
like Nintendo stuff is always really
like honestly captured in my soul and
like it can make you feel a certain way
and you don’t think about it when you’re
playing the video game but when you go
back like you know or you hear someone
else playing it you’re like you’re hit
with like such a crazy memory of your
childhood or whatever or it’s the same
it’s just music has that power so that’s
that’s really cool to me because I love
video games and I love video game music
have you seen that that cover of the guy
playing super Mario’s theme on like a
it’s got it’s a base with ton of strings
oh oh it was a while ago that I saw that
like years ago mmm that’s the thing
check it out it’s awesome what you’re
talking about and he makes like the
little coin noises and stuff like that
yeah I gotta learn to do that yeah so
music production and I’m
working on my own solo stuff right now –
like releasing two albums come I’m
shooting for the end of February but one
is gonna be actually funny enough hip
hop offered by me and I’m gonna do all
the vocals on it too because actually
like writing and rapping is kind of a
passion of mine you know which people
are little you know boo Eminem you like
but like I just it’s all my like poetry
and stuff like that I’ve journalized
about you know my feelings when I was
going through a struggle or when I saw
somebody else going through a struggle
I always got that inspiration you know
how to write it down that’s the best
outlet I think to do that and I really
liked the idea of speaking to people and
trying to like inspire them because you
know life is hard and honestly there’s
the darkest things going on or going on
in your brain and so like you know if
you you know reach out and connect with
people like find someone who’s gone
through the same crap as you yeah so
that and then the other one is just
going to be an album of my quote-unquote
what I’m gonna call video game music I’m
very inspired by snarky puppy right now
oh yeah so cool yeah and I mean that’s
another guy Michael League he’s their
bass player and he’s ridiculously good
and he composes like all that music and
when I found him I was like oh man like
I want to do that now like this is so
cool so I’ve been working on that for a
while it’s gonna take probably a little
longer to get that one together but the
hip-hop one is going to come out in
February for sure cool then the but the
I think my favorite thing that I’m
working on is these online music lessons
you know you guys brought that up and I
don’t want to be the guy like that you
know says here’s how to play this song I
want to like kind of get in depth you
know you know if people are interested
hopefully like get into the philosophy
of music as well as like here’s how to
play it here’s what to look for because
with those you know if you just tell
someone how to play it they’re just
gonna go home and do it and but they
might again you know not be knowing what
to look for
like technique-wise like we were talking
about earlier so you know kind of break
you down as simply as possible for
people you know what to look for when
you’re playing this you know and then
you know I don’t want to just I actually
really want to write a book too I want
to make yeah I’ve been I’ve been writing
one but it’s just scattered pages not
even in the same notebook but I’ve been
compiling it and compiling it for like
the past two years
it’s just with like it’s it to learn
base but it’s also to like understand
the being willing to suck is is the most
important thing like yeah you know cuz a
lot of people like I’m a perfectionist
I’m sure you guys feel that you know
when you started music you just like
it’s so pissed off and frustrated when
you can’t get it right and people give
up like you know right away because they
just don’t think they can do it but we
all have the musical bone in our body
for sure and I think it’s important to
tap into that because I just remember
teaching like a lot of kids that were
very underprivileged and they had broken
homes you know and like some of them
didn’t even have one parent or both
parents or a place to live sometimes
like stuff like that and it’s like you
know well I can’t buy you a house and I
can’t give you a parent but what I can
give you is this thing to like distract
yourself that you’ll have for the rest
of your life that you can learn so much
stuff with me that’s like a really I
just think the whole world needs to try
to learn music because it just makes you
appreciate it so much more and it is
honestly like the only thing besides I
guess like sex or drugs that is like a
mystical kind of experience you know
like there’s just this insane feeling
that you can’t get anywhere else yeah
it’s very it’s very therapeutic you can
learn about yourself
through it a lot and like you just said
I just had a group of Boy Scouts come
through my studio and I had to teach
them about the whole recording process
and how we make music and one of the
last points I made to them is this like
you know being on stage or or creating
music with fellow musicians your buddies
you know up on stage there is no other
feeling that encapsulates that in any
way whatsoever now being able to be on
stage and creating in front of a crowd
that’s engaged with you there’s this
like thing that happens that’s
my heart’s exploding sometimes it’s a
euphoric it’s completely euphoric yeah
sometimes out-of-body it is out of it a
lot of times I like for I completely
lose touch with reality
yes guitar solo and I will come out like
finish and I like I’ll look around I’m
like oh my God we’re in yes it’s so true
I’ve hit me on tour so many times like
the hardest that’s ever hit me too just
because like you know the rooms were
bigger than I’d ever been in and the the
crowds were bigger and honestly you know
not knowing the band like especially the
first like couple weeks with them yeah I
remember just hitting in the groove and
just being like wow this is the best
band I’ve ever been in and I forget the
band’s there I forget the crowds there I
forget where even at the venue ya know
so in the groove and then I like open my
eyes which I’ve learned don’t close your
eyes because people are gonna try and
sing will you like hey we’re gonna hey
you got to be looking at me man and even
with my eyes up and it’s just like a
veil is like pulled over them yeah yeah
I love that feeling man that is an
exhilarating one and I think people
should feel that there’s a lot of
mundanity in the world and I don’t know
people are like wow that’s so cool and
like you know it takes a lot of work to
get to that euphoric feeling oh yeah
absolutely yeah I’ll never forget there
was one time where I was on stage and I
was just totally in my zone I had no
idea where I was and I remember coming
out of it and it already had happened
but I came to it where the microphone
was being ripped off of the front stage
by a crowd member there was a fight that
was going on
in there in the front and it had already
gone down everything had finished and
the end result was like one guy was just
he was plastered drunk but he got up on
stage and ripped the microphone and
actually ripped the the actual cable out
of the XLR and I’m like what what’s
going on I was just a guitar oh my gosh
so yeah you you absolutely lose yourself
100% it’s you have no idea what’s going
so I want to go the opposite I actually
play I play at retirement homes a lot
and it is going down tonight man freeze
at a retirement home and they would just
be like what is this oh no I mean I I do
it I enjoy doing it and it’s a it
supplements my income oh yeah it’s the
I’ve actually experienced a lot of the
opposite effects it’s interesting that
as a player you can lose yourself but
with especially elderly people with
memory you know Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s
dementia a lot of times they will be
they will look like they’re in the
middle of a guitar solo and then you
start playing an old song they remember
from their youth or when they were
younger and it’s like the clarity comes
over and you see their eyes kind of come
to and they’ll start singing
it’s an incredible like alright the
power of music to lose yourself and the
power of music to find yourself in my
what do you have memory loss it’s there
serious like people have professions
where they do music therapy and then to
you know retirement homes and they’ll
sit down and play music for these old
folks with memory loss that sometimes
can get a little hostile towards their
caretakers or yep you know they’re
depressed or whatever it is and music
can really bring people back yeah yeah I
agree my grandma she actually died of
Alzheimer’s a couple years ago and I
remember like oh it’s okay man
you know death is just a unfortunate
part of life but
learned a lot through that and I
remember while I was helping her and I
was like reading these books there’s a
really good one called a ravenous mind
and it’s written by a neuroscientist
whose dad had Alzheimer’s and he started
utilizing the power of music and his dad
played piano and stuff and I just read
an article the other day about how
people with memory loss often the only
thing they will remember is me music
like or music will spring their memories
back you know I remember with my grandma
like I was sitting with her one day and
she had an old record player and I you
know she didn’t even know who I was but
she’d always just feel like wow what a
nice young man you are but she was fun
though she never had because you know
some people get very like mean or angry
of course I do you know but um but some
people are just very nice but like you
said it’s almost like they look like
they’re in the middle of a guitar solo
kind of you know they’re just sort of
foggy either sort of floating but then
all of a sudden you know like with music
I noticed like I played I forget what I
played for her but it must have been
that she really knew and as soon as she
heard it she like you know like you said
happened at your gig you know it was
like the clouds cleared and she just was
like and she looked at me and she said
Randy and I was like whoa whoa she did
not know my name for years you know what
I mean and all of a sudden that like
sprung it up you know I was she was
telling me about where she first heard
this song you know and then we listened
to the out to the record and you know
she she kind of took a nap and later of
course went back and she she had no idea
who I was again but it’s it’s really
cool the power of music like you guys
are saying that is definitely a very
legendary epic thing and it’s pretty
cool the humans have figured that out
yeah yeah it’s this universal language
man that everybody knows it’s it’s
something that connects us all it’s
extremely powerful obviously I think
more powerful than we know honestly I
think so too yeah it’s funny when you
go back to that victor wooten book he he
gets pretty spiritual music throughout
and he gets like he’s all talking about
the energy from the sound waves and you
know at a molecular level I think he’s
like bullshitting a lot of it but I
think he has a valid point though about
it like feeling the music hmm but he
gets he gets very into that yeah reality
of music I mean some of makes sense I
mean it’s even like this hole was 440
vs. 432 or 434 argument I I get it like
it makes sense to me yeah I mean it’s
just it just it’s like okay I mean I I
see the argument against it but I also
see the argument for it and it just kind
of makes sense
because of all the things that are going
on around us that we can’t see right and
I mean it’s emusic really like I don’t
know I mean I don’t know enough about
like the quantum physics world or
anything to understand what I’ve tried
reading you know I’ve spent a lot of
late nights just sort of going through
things on the internet and trying to see
about that spiritual like kind of crazy
connection that music can have with the
rest of the universe like you said it
does it just makes sense I don’t know I
don’t know if I don’t know enough about
it but to me like anything can really
kind of make sense now
I mean look very spiritual connection
with music and a philosophical one too
you know some people would probably call
it some hippie jargon or whatever but I
when I think about it like especially
just being in so in the zone you know
like something you have practiced and
prepared for forever that you know like
to me like playing a live show is just
exhilarating it there’s no feeling like
when you’re really in the zone with your
band and you’re really nailing your part
you know or you’re making it up and it
sounds like it’s just so good and you’re
just like you’re so proud of yourself in
that moment that is like a very
spiritually uplifting thing like I feel
like the equivalent of like you know
people say they found Jesus like that is
I guess how I would describe like when I
am really in the zone on a stage I feel
like that spiritual connection with the
whole universe and I think that’s kind
of why you lead you almost leave your
body like when you’re playing pretty
yeah that’s what makes us all want to
sit in the practice room and play for
practice for hours and hours and hours
right yeah I mean it’s a snowball effect
once you’ve tasted that it’s like
chasing the heroine drag and it’s it’s
like you just can’t get enough yeah yeah
I mean I for me what I mean for me when
I was younger and I picked up guitar
especially through my late teens it was
a very good way for me to just kind of
shut the world out and because
especially through those years it’s very
there’s a lot of chaos in terms of
trying to find out who you are and who
your friends are and you’re being
exposed to more of the world because you
know up until 18 you’re you’re in your
little bubble of your world your
neighborhood your you know your city and
then beyond that it gets Steven more and
there’s all this like outside influence
and all these things that you’re trying
to find yourself as a human and all
these thoughts that are going on and for
me guitar was an escape it was something
that just made sense all that just kind
of went away you know I could put pen to
paper and write poetry or lyrics or you
know and then apply that to the guitar
and just kind of heck just play a G a C
and a D chord and I was like this is
Green War man I mean to me at first it
was an escape yeah
you know middle school in a high school
or weird man like you said you’re trying
to figure out who you are and you go
through a lot of phases but like I guess
for me music was the constant you know
like it didn’t matter who I was friends
with and honestly I got to the point
where I was sort of friends with
everybody but I didn’t have any real
friends except for my bandmates you know
and then it was like but you know you
still have to you still have this inner
stuff and like you kinda have to drown
out your thoughts too cuz you know as a
as a teenager they can go to dark places
when you are in the world for what it is
you know most most often will doing like
especially you know like you said you’re
in this little bubble and that bubble is
just ever-expanding and then one day
kind of pops hopefully you know you’re
out it’s like holy the world’s
freaking awesome but it’s really also
really crazy yeah and music is the
escape for sure but then for me it got
to the point where it was uh like being
over create spontaneously you know
something that doesn’t exist and you
play a note and suddenly something now
exists there that you can’t even see
like that’s frickin that’s pretty
magical to me like that that’s just
crazy to me that we can do that yeah you
know I mean knock on the table you know
and now I have drums right yeah it’s
it’s pretty cool stuff to me it was
always like the creation aspect and then
seeing or understanding like people
recording like that that’s your creation
on something forever so that was a big
thing for me too besides the escape
which was definitely in the number one
part yeah
if you are interested in recording we’ve
got two episodes out now talking about
recording to all our listeners out there
yeah we have one where Aaron and I talk
about just basic recording and then
we’ve got one where we had tie-ins
Hampton on ya two-part episode yeah yeah
so one of those is out both of ya
everything’s out everything’s out but I
Randy it’s been wonderful talking to you
I need to talk to you more about bass on
a one-on-one situation
oh man I’m down dude I’m gonna get I
need to get some technique worked out
because I really enjoy it but I need to
sometimes I have a hard time physically
getting out what’s in my head oh yeah
and that there’s nothing like there’s
there’s absolutely nothing like bass man
every time I get the chance to play bass
in the band I’m like oh yeah here we go
I love it playing bass it’s such a good
feeling it’s so much fun as hurt when
you’ve always played the guitar for the
most part to get to sit back and play
another role is absolutely I mean the
bass is more fun than the guitar I think
it’s more that maybe cuz I’m not used to
it but the role of a bass player I think
is more fun in the moment of being on
you’re more in the groove with the
current experience my experience is
playing guitar as I’m much more inwardly
focused I know we’ve talked about you
know focusing on your part space I feel
like the bass you get to be focused on
the band
and the overall sound a little bit more
than if your how you playing a solo sit
and lyrics and focus on your breathing
and your voice and you can’t you’re in
the front so you can’t see either band
as well right so I agree buddy out there
so go ahead oh no I was just gonna say I
disagree and I mean I don’t know the end
of moment think that really really
nailed it yeah so anybody who’s out
there who plays other instruments
neither just haven’t thought about
playing the bass much they give it a
shot it’s hiccup a bass man it’s fun oh
my gosh there’s nothing like it
if you need lessons hit up the bass
bandicoot yeah soon again I’ll have my
hip-hop album out in February then yes
so much for having me on this has been
awesome dude yeah no thank you
we’ll definitely have you on in the
future man yeah
all right much love yeah yeah thank you
buddy is all right have a good one guys

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