Billy Brouse is a founding member of Papadosio, a band that has enjoyed tremendous success playing a unique blend of electronic jam band music at major festivals and concert venues, including a recent performance at Red Rocks.  Billy plays keys/synthesizers for the band, and he joins Joe McMurray and Aaron Sefchick on the show to talk about Papadosio, music festivals, the band’s use of Ableton Live for both songwriting and live performance, other bands on the scene, and synthesizers.

Billy tells the guys about his musical influences.  Then he recounts the story of how he and the other guys formed Papadosio and decided to tour full-time.  He tells Joe and Aaron about their very own festival, Resonance Festival, which occurs this Sept 19-22, 2019 (

Next, the guys talk about Papadosio’s approach to songwriting and how they use Ableton Live to write and record from their own homes and on their own schedules.  Billy explains how the band uses Ableton Live in their live performances and provides some detail into how he uses PADs.

Billy, Joe, and Aaron touch on the subjects of gear damage/theft/insurance, practicing, and injuries before moving on to talk about Billy’s favorite bands on the scene.  Billy finally runs through his favorite synthesizers and effects pedals.

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So, enough chitchat. Let’s jump into part two with Billy Brouse from the band
Papadosio on Fret Buzz The Podcast.
That’s Aaron’s passion. Your glorious
looking studio. What kind of monitors are those? Mackie
Yep, yep, yep. HR8’s. Oh, yeah. Those sound real nice. When Aaron and I used to work together
like after when we were closing up the music school, Aaron
would just like, I remember you just we’d be there for an hour and you’d be
showing me how to run the studio and you know whether it’s Pro Tools or the
actual hardware like my entire studio knowledge is built on the foundation
that you gave me it was great somebody’s got to take you under their way I know
well yeah I’m being serious no I mean any time that somebody’s interested in
audio I I can’t but embrace that whole experience cuz you know I want to help
anybody who is interested in that just kind of help them along obviously cuz
there’s not a whole lot of people out there who are make that transition I
mean there’s lots of people who want to play guitar or the you know I want to
play the drums or the keys or I’m gonna sing I want to play bass but making that
transition then over into audio is that’s a little bit different
what’s your wizard go to the parentals that’s I’ve been using
ProTools since the very beginning I’ve never really used 402 but I’ve seen it
being used and I feel like I should probably know how to how to use it yeah
I mean now I’d say you know 15 20 years ago sure but now all of the of the dawes
they they pretty much do the same thing or if you’re looking for a specialized
thing like fruity loops or fruity loops yeah they all have their kind of like
specialities where the you know so like for sampling and whatnot like that sure
but for straight recording ProTools all the way for me just and and that doesn’t
mean that Pro Tools is any better than any of the other ones it’s just it’s
been this industry standard for thirty years now and well is it it is I mean I
still is yeah yeah I don’t know yeah if you were to go into any studio
professional studio especially as an intern or to be hired you have to have a
background in Pro Tools whether or not that’s actually you know especially in
today’s a day and age you need a background in something that’s for sure
yeah understand exactly how signal flow works but it just they they they have
the monopoly on it and I don’t know they still have the monopoly but it’s still
there I mean most most studios in Nashville that I’ve been to like you
definitely use Pro Tools ya matter if it’s Reaper or logic or I mean there’s
just so many out them out there now just like you said I don’t think it really
matters that much anymore sample rate is sample rate bit rate is there whatever
works best for you yeah have you used Ableton I have I have a copy of it as
well all right it just looks like a video game
if you beat it it makes you money that’s what I always like to god baby you know
I mean yeah like just the work flow seems more of video gaming oh yeah
do you ever use Ableton in live performances every time okay all three
of Sam Anthony and I run Ableton on stage and then Mike our drummer his role
in spds is triggering Anthony’s they wouldn’t live set wait he does that are
our drummers you know that sample path like yeah when you hear that he’s
triggering sounds hi Anthony’s computer and he also has like
the start/stop for the click we played it with clicks I think if there’s a lot
of time base stuff yeah yeah and so none of the samples that you hear from the
drums are actually coming from that yeah it’s all triggered from him yeah he also
has like yeah like I said the clicked start stop and the play button up top
and then I have a master Ableton set for my dough Co live set Anthony’s Ableton
set for Papa Toshio is the most gigantic evidence I’d ever seen in my entire life
it’s crazy he’s he’s it’s so weird he started with Froot Loops and you brought
up free Goods right when I first met him he was using through two loops and he
had like three albums like already done thank you look the best worst shit every
n in the room like I forget what he called woman like the future robot it
was great whatever it is I hope he’s go faster but he’s just say
just knows how to get into a program or a synthesizer and just until he knows
every single thing about it he would stop and so he helped I mean that’s
where that’s how I got introduced able to look like a within six I think they
look at six and he was like check this out could you do all this man but I just
that was my oh you know probably the top tier of my synthesis being like okay
we’re I’m gonna play sense now cuz now I have a computer and I can sample me
talking to you and turn it into you’re doing that ahead of time I mean are you
do how much that are you doing live well there’s no like Anthony Luke’s his
guitar through Ableton okay for sure and like last night my
brother and I had a set a DJ fish in town and I’ll do all loop stuff in
Ableton Live but I don’t I don’t live loop anything in Dozier because if this
gets kind of convoluted and there’s five people on stage right so we just leave
it to the master clock the deal I basically I have Ableton for all the
soft sets you know like I there’s a song that I made like the pad is just me go
oh I just turned that into a song just stuff like that where it’s it’s
just so easy and fun to do have fun making music and that’s how I have fun
so can you take that pad of you just uh and you can actually pitch you can
control that with your keyboard and you know play see and it makes it play the
pitch see mm-hmm so there’s a song called Omni freeze on
pattern Integrity’s every single thing in that song
my voice the bassline had the melody all that that’s really cool I think there’s
some guitar in there too within the studio version and the one that I
recorded on this computer it’s just you know and it wasn’t even see I tried to
get oh like food I don’t have a perfect pitch like that shit but it was like two
cents off from C so when we went to do alive we actually play it and the major
I think we pitched it to B major
but I we could we I could have just fished it to whatever for sure and
that’s so cool like all this stuff like we were talking about this with the Moog
factory guy like it gets me so excited yeah Paul gana yeah I know Paul oh yeah
yeah Paul isn’t really know the answer have you listened to his music before
yeah because yeah and Paula Abdul yeah wait he has one called Paula Abdul yeah
he has one called Paul Abdul oh that’s so funny because last night I was
thinking like I need to start doing so her DJ set and my DJ name should be
Michael kama Jack’s son so maybe Paul Abdul and I could I didn’t
know he had one called paul-jules really anyway they do yeah Paula I was like I
said my parents are down in Brevard and went to the Moog Factory and I was he
took us on a tour me and my wife and my brother and I was like geeking out
pretty hard and I was sorry yeah yeah I play I played all the stuff in the show
room I was having a great time but you know I like come back and I’ll I’ll pull
up my Ableton and try to mess with this stuff and I’m just like I could spend
hours and I’m like man I should have just practiced guitar like I feel like I
don’t have a whole lot to show after that time well I’m not making money off
of you know creating these sounds whereas like when I practice some I’m
like it there’s immediate payback immediate benefit we can only get so
good at guitar I disagree all right well as you would I that’s
your job is to disagree with me there my job is to be like you should you know
amp up your Ableton skills to augment that guitar player because it’s not the
Ableton is never you know it will never be a replacement for skill it’s just
there to help you along the way and that’s why I use alive and that’s why
you know we we all it’s a good it’s just it’s a helping healthy thing I mean it
is absolutely amazing what it does in it when you put a synth in the background
of some song it it sounds twice as big yeah it’s great things like sitting on
this cloud of sound that it’s really really incredible what it does just put
a bandpass filter on a choir and so getting rebirth and they’re good okay
did you did you play did you play the mote one when you were there yeah but
only for a second it it was a lot to take in
Sugoi spliff in a deep you’ve got a mug don’t you you’re yeah but not not the
mug one well I think I went in there I won’t know it’s 8,000 8,000 yeah it’s
like more expensive than my car but I went in there and I saw a paul and like
we’re friends so I normally talk to it I was like alright cool later and I just
you know sat down at that thing that’s the most beautiful synthesizer
I’ve ever played and I’ve you know played memory modes and name it I played
it it’s it’s so yeah that was a good conversation with Paul
for anybody who’s interested it’s episode 33 and ever episode 34 good
memory it’s you you are an engineer yeah it’s so hard to remember the names yeah
numbers yeah that was a great conversation with Paul the first time I
ever met Paul we were playing this festival called Narnia which is down
here beach mountain and I was playing ping pong
I love ping-pong and I was a little bit drunk
so I was talking about you did and Paul doesn’t talk at all you know he’s like
very laid-back I just thought so like fitted him and
then played ping pong with him for who played like three games that was super
fun and I’m really glad he still talks to me after that yeah so I I love
sometimes I’ll just go in there with like three people into the milk store
and like act like I’m a big deal or something even though like anyway can
walk in there you know we’re a people
it’s so awesome that you can you can go sit down and play it was like it’s not
like you can get a Guitar Center and try and look there’s really no other place –
yeah about I mean that so those are the Carson I don’t like right down the
street and they it’s dangerous yeah but it’s also really nice like if
we’re about to go on tour I can go get a MIDI cable or whatever on my way to see
it’s just far enough away from me like 15 minute drive to where it deters me
from like going for any little thing cuz I like I always spend money when I go
like you know I you can’t help but look at the stuff he used stuff and like oh
man look ya know I went in there yesterday for no
reason and I ended up just buying like one of
those just a power strip I just bought like a firm in powers I don’t need that
what I wanted it and there was a rabbi like a shaker yay shakers were sweet
whatever judge me I will never play a show without moon surge protector now I
played at this farmers market locally and the power source they had me plug
into had been recently rewired and incorrectly rewired and I was playing
and all of a sudden I started like smelling and I heard this like smell of
burnt plastic and then like it melted my amps transformer and my PA system oh and
yeah if I had only had a good surge protector would have it was like an 8
month process of getting money back and from about farmers market well it was
the the building that hid it was a farmers market it sounds like a
nightmare right it was it was bad I felt horrible the whole time because it’s
like obviously it’s not there they’re not like you know they don’t have deep
pockets right I was like you see you actually like cost me like a thousand
dollars like I need some help here you brought he’s probably on PA yeah
yeah so surge protectors yeah good get a gut power conditioner get like the
actual one yes yeah yeah and even those though I mean yeah he said logically at
one time that’s for the first time I ever experienced that you’re rehearsing
luckily for our first acoustic set in Athens like eight years ago and the
transformer outside of the house just blew up and searched our whole PA we had
a we had a plugged into a conditioner so did you fry everything
but it was an acoustic sensor we’re like oh well that sucks but I guess we’re not
we’ll just wing it see how it goes so you just played like actually with no
sound amplification yeah it was just like a conversation about how that set
is going to go again it was an acoustic set it was just but I’ve never seen I
was if it if all of our you know normal stuff where he got take out insurance on
my kind of stuff yeah and if anyone’s listening to this in the touring band
who doesn’t have insurance on their gear get it it’s not that expensive trailers
nice a trailer will wreck all of your stuff just get it or just the fact that
there’s so many horror stories about people stealing your stuff let’s see
that on the forums all the time all the time I still beat you see people walking
off with somebody’s rig but somehow that’s never having those would be it’s
asinine steal somebody’s you know how they make their living right once I said
one time somebody broke into the van and we’re in Baltimore and all of our
laptops were in there but they just took the bagging days when you know you had a
GPS unit that’s it there was like $10,000 thank God and they took your
Garmin yeah the Garmin hopefully I got a buzz hey I want to
change gears a little bit on you so I I’m always interested in people’s
practice regiments I’m like a practice nut I like it’s my
I like I I live to practice I enjoy more than just about anything in the whole
world what how do you do you practice
differently than you used to practice and what is your current practice
regimen like as a band or just as personally personally I I’ll sit down to
practice and end up like recording stuff
so I I guess I guess it just turns into a songwriting session for me right now I
don’t have a piano at the house like a physical acoustic piano I have one in
Ohio and if you take it that I reminds me of a good enough welcome well yeah I
something that Sam my brother has taught me about practicing is just record
everything another thing that Ableton is really
good for you just leave it on now or Pro Tools or whatever you’re doing if you’re
if you’re you know playing a MIDI instrument might as well just recorded
and see what happens so that’s that’s kind of what I do I’ll sit down and and
try to create a voice being a song in the past yeah I definitely don’t
practice enough that’s good no that’s alright don’t worry about it
no we’ve had many many many many many guests on the show and nobody has
practiced as much as Joe even like the professionals they’re like no I don’t
know I felt bad for a second no no I think all our guests didn’t say why Joe
is the only one but I’ve ever known that is practiced as much as he
does man you gotta have your thing is that I mean I love playing music too but
you also have to be able to like I played I it took a long time like for
just to be able to play music and this is weird this might sound weird but just
sit down and practice and not then think about like has this show been confirmed
its what what’s the cap and that venue like the business side so that I’m over
that now we’re good but like it was I hate to use the word trigger because
that triggers me that’s good but uh it was weird for a little bit in my own
head I’m over that now but I just like to turn the practice into a songwriting
exercise and joke you need to text me every once around
remind me to practice not every time you’re practicing are you playing right
now he’s thinking about it I know I will be playing after this but before I go
cruise around on my bike to the oceanfront bars although last night I
was because I’ve had I’ve had three shows the past three nights and I’d like
I’d anyway I’ve been playing a lot last night I was playing in like my third set
and I think I bruised the tip of my pinky
what’s videos I mean you can’t really tell but it hurts like I’m not gonna see
I think that’s what I did I was just like I hammered down something hard and
it it hurts I’ve been like rubbing my pinky all day playing it was probably
playing a jazz song you know just it it’s still metal if you injure yourself
it’s metal yeah yeah have you ever done that Aaron where you gonna bruise your
finger mm-hmm it’s like it’s the worst feeling it’s it’s an interesting feeling
is like play right you can’t stop using that if you’re
performing you can’t stop using any well yeah that’s how yeah that’s the part
that becomes a bit of a pain is that while performing you’re like alright how
do i how do i angle my finger in a different position so I don’t keep on
hitting that same spot all the time so yeah and suffer through this somewhat do
you want to hear my worst story of injuring a finger absolutely
one time I it was like third night of a month-long tour we had a tour bus that
only if you’ve ever been on a tour bus but like some of them have sliding doors
in between the front lounge and the bunk area at the back notch some of them have
doors like normal doors where you push to pull open this one had sliding doors
and like I got up to go pee and like I don’t have 6:00 in the morning out of my
bunk which is like a weird cave I’m holding the door to my left hand holding
the door and the driver like swerved around something and my hand was still
on the door as it slid into the door jamb and my left index finger went right
into where the little knob goes to close the door three days into a month to it a
fingernail fell off leading every I just went into my bunk and cried seriously
like for like an hour and I would forget that it was injured so I’d like do like
you know we can organ roll and like still to this day I don’t really use
this finger as much as I used to it wasn’t you’re playing for it was bad
I’m getting back being able to use it again I mean was he years ago but like
there’s some sort of something in me that I just did it so many times I’m
like they would just start bleeding that’s awful you have to be real careful
I I’ve cut myself like like yeah I have a bagel ever I was hands we’re actually
wearing a Lucky Charms hat if you can’t it’s on backwards but before they
episode we were talking about are both of us love Lucky Charms you’re look at
charms yeah they’re it’s so it’s like the best dessert now for me but like
late night after show a bowl of Lucky Charms it’s hard to beat but I switched
to bagels like six years ago or something but bagels when you wake up
and you’re just still in that kind of like sleepy mode they’re so dangerous
the not pre-cut ones Oh like you don’t have a bagel cutter no I use a bread
knife and bro I’ve cut I need to get a big okay that’s like nobody’s ever
suggested that I’ve never thought you could get your own bagel cutter look I
have a bagel as someone who were allegedly cuts their fingers on
everything I have a knife washer like I don’t wash my knife so with a sponge I
have a thing that like you like this and like washing tonight with because I
don’t like ice and this is gonna sound like I’m a piece of it too but like even
loading in gear if I have to load gear and I will cut my hand all like the
keyboard player from the you know the motet is they ever seen them oh yeah
I’ve never seen them but they’re good great time yeah Joey the keyboard player
for the mo test one time with loading in something and he dislocated his he put a
picture of it on Facebook like so it was just like middle finger was like over
here and after that I was like all right I’m like like if you asked me to I will
carry your stuff in but I’m gonna hurt myself Joe do you play guitar
you need a bagel cutter do ya Jago cutter in this knife watch yeah that’s a
great idea knife wash pike well there was one of
those things I was that uh I like to cook that’s my I think a product of
being on tour for so long and eating at restaurants you know like I love going
out to eat but I love being at home and cooking you know there’s something to be
said about its creative outlet its food it’s awesome but I’ve got a kitchen and
company and I saw it on the shelf and I was like I don’t need that and then I
walked away it was like if I cut myself like I didn’t buy that I will never
forget like I I’ll know that I could have bought that I have to go back and
get it you probably just saved my career like a bagel cutter get a knife cleaner
you too Aaron if you’ve got 365 bagels a year like statistically you’re gonna cut
yourself pretty bad at some point yes especially if it’s an everything bagel
and some of the everything falling yeah you’re like oh oh now the one that I
really did cut myself on recently it was frozen in one of those pre-cut ones but
it wasn’t cut all the way through and I was trying to get the knife in the
pre-made slot it just like creepy I’ve really messed up but I do I wear glove
these big purple gloves they go to my elbow to wash dishes with cuz like I
don’t want my calluses so you’ll use a knife around your fingers right yeah
we’re adults now Joe you can you can’t get a better government I’m doing it
yeah I’ll send you one I’m gonna get one today and yes I think I’m gonna go an
Amazon yeah you get it when you post it on Instagram
oh yeah you’ll never forgive yourself if you cut yourself again on a bagel you’ll
be like the one thing I learned from this conversation was Billy brows
I didn’t even take the part well it is sunken it’s twit switching gears again
pulling this back you mentioned the motet what are other bands that you’re
really excited about that are either on the scene now or up and coming in the
scene hmm who do I need to listen to you
like specifically in the scene or just like what I’m listening to that I’m
excited about both really way to put him on the spot oh yeah well I I’ve been
listening to this dude is well know is actual name but it was producer name is
Dorian concept cool he’s an incredible keyboard player and an incredible
producer he’s on Ninja Tune or warp which are the two best electronic music
outlets in my opinion think it’s a text when is on warp Square pusher on what
that’s like that granddaddy of electronica label it but Dorian concept
is like blowing my mind like I I haven’t there was a couple years where I like
didn’t really listen but that much music at all other than the tried and true
stuff that you know you’re used to and well imma listen to 93 to infinity by
the mighty souls of mischief because that’s my favorite hip-hop song so I’m
gonna listen to that you know eight times a month and not branch out and he
his music has really helped me branch out and part of the reason is is because
he does it live daily like he will play those parts live and then do it
differently advertisement it’s incredibly refreshing I love that name I
mean is he like is he Fiorina a technical yes he is
super into very level loves it yeah I think you from I think it’s from
Scotland he looks like he’s from Scotland I’m not really sure but see
where he’ll slowly plays no no no last name
McMurray so I’ve got a little bit of that run up my blood are you saying like
brain feeder Ninja Tune more these are labels yes
okay so labels are still alive and well in in electronic music because a lot of
those guys don’t play live shows Flying Lotus that’s Flying Lotus whose label is
called brain theater flying lettuce is pretty sure that’s related to the coal
trains have you listened to flying lettuce before yeah Wow so Melissa
Flying Lotus is it it’s like super swung I know the name I don’t know why I’m
pretty sure I’ve heard it before it wasn’t a Thundercat
yes okay so Thundercat plays bass on most of the Flying Lotus attacks maybe
that’s maybe that’s why we talked about Thundercat because um actually you guys
have played with broccoli samurai thing yeah yeah I know those guys we had their
bass player on Randy Nicola Nicola SIA and he talked about Thundercats so I
listen yeah we’re from Ohio Oh Randy yeah I
guess Randy their bass player at least now was not the original bass player but
but I definitely know they’re great dudes
yeah so Flying Lotus is the grand nephew of Alice Coltrane
so not related by family to John Coltrane but he’s
he has access to the Coltrane it’s many masters at least Yakult range of Ages
posthumous posthumously released an album last year
of like old studio takes that had never been released they were playing it on
NPR bunch and on the Sirius XM jazz station it’s a pretty cool stuff I think
I heard that on the PR I listened to NPR religiously yeah I love in here it’s uh
it’s something to fill up space I switch back and forth between like it’s things
like NPR podcast where I feel like I’m learning something bettering myself and
then right I’ll switch over I’ll listen to some music and no enzyme what you
know how much I’m driving okay what kind of mood I’m in but uh I feel ya and Kara
does a good job of putting forth a well-thought-out
story and argument and you know well-rounded yeah I I think I just quite
grew up listening to it in my mom’s car which you’ve always have it turned down
smoothly like so like now I can actually listen to it full volume you hear the
words she also you solicited me a lot of classical music always great deep do you
ever put have you ever in your life played classical piano
no absolutely not
I’m more of like you know I don’t know what I’m doing basically I do because
I’ve made a place for myself and like if you came the viewer in my house right
now we could sit here and play together you know for however long you want but
I’m not a classically trained musician in any sense of the word but you
understand I mean if someone was to say here’s the chord progression sure
Gavin hope yeah I mean you guys are up there doing awesome stuff I mean I’m I’m
a professional musician but I’m not I mean there be there would be some people
would be definitely you know not necessarily talked it would be like you
you need to know your theory better I know I do all right but you know what I
do and my place in the band and my place in music what I’ve carved out and how I
take it is more of an aesthetic thing like I’m not gonna nerd out with you on
scales and modes but I will sit here and you know talk about synthesizers in
Ableton and the way music makes me feel for hours but that’s just that’s how it
seems like that’s more a more sustainable approach to I mean talking
about scales isn’t fun me well for some people it is I mean I’m sure you would
love to I’m sure you if I hung up you and there and is this you know talked
about at all fine I mean I I know B I understand the importance of it but I
don’t think it makes that’s not what instills this obsession in me
I think the obsession stems from actually loving music and melody and the
harmony behind it and stuff learning the scales and the deeper theory to me is
kind of like a I won’t call it a necessary evil because I do enjoy it but
it’s it’s not what makes me love music it’s I’d do it to make it so I can play
better music right I hope I’m not I hope I wasn’t coming
your crosses like it’s mine bad thing I don’t know I just I’m like earlier what
I was saying like you can learn as much as you want like some of the best
musicians I know don’t know how to go on tour or don’t know how to ever have like
some of the best I’ve ever seen have the worst tone ever you’re playing all the
notes like you know how to play all the notes but like it just give me your let
me let me keep be your tech its that on a specific instrument like a on key no
no well yeah just any instrument like I guess it’s it’s it’s not you know if I
my place to say what tone is right I like a more understated look for it on
bass for instance I like a passive bass are like passive di I like to hear you
digging in when you dig in I want to you know I want to hear it I want to hear
the fuzz that comes from you over driving it from your fingers I don’t
want to hear that I don’t hear the attack of modulus I want a key base or
you know bender five jazz but that’s what I like and I want to the best is me
and I’ve you know I’ve written something instead I’ve tried to have come across
in Ableton on splice and sentence of the dudes and they’re like we’re gonna
record this bass I had like I think it’s good doesn’t matter how many notes you
play for me it’s just the overall feeling of it I’d rather less notes I I
think that’s a good way to go about it to you it
doesn’t sound good yeah I mean it the quest for tone is is never-ending
Aaron you might appreciate this I I recently
I mean I’m I love Robin Ford’s tone I don’t know if I’ve talked about this in
the past like their players like Eric Johnson who have and emulated their
style more but Robin Ford’s tone could be like the pinnacle of guitar tone for
me it’s the you know he used the the Dumble overdrive special amp it’s just
it’s so silky smooth and beautiful so I’ve been on this quest recently to find
that and I recently did order I ordered the dude pedal by Jay Riley yeah
and I also ordered the DM BL dumble pedal by mojo hand okay so I figured I
can I can return anything that because I got it from Guitar Center cuz they allow
you to return things you’re rented it well you you they don’t even have it in
stock so I had to order it and then so I had to pay for it but I can bring it
back if I don’t like it right that’s a rough yeah essentially
yeah you rent stuff Guitar Center all the time yeah great I really like I hate
the Guitar Center is it makes it hard for the mom-and-pop shops but I would be
so sad if Guitar Center left I can’t have had some problems but it’s like the
only place I feel comfortable going and just like playing I like trying things
out a lot there’s other stores like the guy will sit there and they you know
don’t touch the guitars in the wall somebody will hand it to you then you
feel like somebody’s just like watching you and judging you the whole time you
test stuff out right which is the absolute last thing you need when you’re
testing something else yeah I want to go in there and it’s like Playland and I
want to play everything and that’s why the Moke store is so cool yeah again
though I play synthesizers though I think it’s great for anybody if you can
play a piano at all check out the mug store
it’s very fun they have other stuff too they have like a bunch of teenage
engineering hardware in there which is like little teeny like I think they
started out trying to be like 8-bit sound but now you can just they have a
little thing called the op1 not they have a topi too and it seems clean in
your pocket a lot of their stuff it sounds great
that mode has that in there they have like videos of the sizes in there
Richard’s out of my wheelhouse for sure but looks cool lions fighting please
something you could put video like could you use that in a live performance where
you like have a guy whose job it’s like putting some cool cool video footage up
in like warping it in real time with you something like so when we play live we
have a light designer those videos – those were awesome yeah thanks I mean
that’s a big part of the show I think aesthetically that’s what I’m all about
I want it to look good and sound good and be accessible I feel like having the
video element there has always been really big for us as we are saying that
for you as Babak late-night festival sound and I’m fine with that but I want
I want you to be able to look at something and I want we created a lot of
that content so sometimes when we’re playing that’ll be our music video in
the background the hill then work into paintings by artists that we know also
EADS if I play it note there’s a screen behind me the one everyone has a screen
behind them so if they’re playing a note it’ll affect the screen so it runs
through an Arduino like little mini computer cross
so that goes into his Ableton out front and then effects the video like waveform
that’s really cool he’s a weird wizard man I can’t even explain all of it
it’s we told him the best what we wanted like I didn’t know I want to be like
grant on the video and he was like cool he did it Dustin Klein Justin Klein
he’s your he’s your like guy yeah video me tree this is DD AMA tree yeah video
me try okay so I’ve mentioned this to Aaron before but I can’t take all when
you see Cup you see colors or you say cutting this fascia anesthesia I’m gonna
write that down my cousin has that it’s really weird I I get some like when I
hear certain sounds it reminds me of colors like the mixolydian mode just
that it doesn’t have to be a specific note but anytime that I move down yeah
well mixolydian like I kind of see green when I close my eyes it’s just that’s
what I get and it would be cool if you could program like a minor 7th chord
produces one color a dominant 7 produces another you can you can do that that
would be so cool I’d set that up in my room here and just like have my wife you
you would never have believed Joe’s practice time I have to play more shows
to afford all this stuff well you could you could set it up so that a certain
frequency is recognized by the computer and then translate that by a MIDI to
your like master video computer and I know for sure there’s a way to do that I
can make that happen for you it’s so cool
there’s just not enough hours in the day all right
he said I would I would be happy to play you know experiment more on Ableton I
would love to get a better keyboard cuz I like I could take
I would like to have a keyboard of my shows because some songs just sound
better does I have a MIDI out oh it does there you go you have an interface you
do because you have microphone run from that your interface up and a MIDI out do
I have you and my focus right there you go I have one of those great yeah so is
that what this K is we see it which one do you have
it’s the back of it oh well you have us be in you know but yeah dev the ESPN but
there’s not like a traditional MIDI out on that so no no but you can use USB
over MIDI that’s it’s the same same thing
let’s meet you get you a dying MIDI controller and then the world is yours
man yep yeah area nose mm-hmm I’d love to do it
on oh you’ve got your little and yeah what do you got over there at all better
all yeah yeah this that’s there no joke for sure that are all innovation or my
favorite yes I’ve had the same Novation mark two eight years yeah I wanted to
upgrade it but the new ones like very expensive
yeah but and it mine’s not broken yet so there’s no reason I was just gonna say
once you once you get your piece you’re like you’re set you’re gold
what do you normally have on stage when you’re playing a normal show where you
can have all your all the gear you want if I had everything it would be the
access virus TI which is the best digital analog modeling synthesizer I’ve
ever played then an ovation mark – m’kay – I guess it stands for marketing MIDI
controller sub 37 No
37 the juo 6 which is the digital recreation of the genome 106 and then
another MIDI controller for Mellotron sounds because digital Metatron’s sounds
close enough and a real mellotron it’s you know $25,000 might as well just have
the digital version on the computer yeah but if I had yeah and then I’m
trying to get it more into pedals I got a shrine in Big Sky couple months
ago and it really has changed the way I play at least it’s just if you get a
really nice reverb pedal it just kind of changes so I reached out to Earthquaker
they’re from Akron Ohio just like right next to where I grew up so I’m trying to
like have them help them build a pedal rig inside the synthesizer for years I’m
really excited to get that one that’s awesome a lot this has been awesome I’ve
really enjoyed getting to talk to you and yeah you know all right we’re coming
on Billy brows when you pop at us you cheers guys thank you yeah is uh yeah
anything you want to plug tell everybody where you they should go to find out
more information about you yeah Papa doe I’m gonna see on Facebook and
Instagram check out red third music Bret their music on Instagram BRE th er music
which is my brother and eyes it’s our side project outside of fancy a
cool and yeah check out resonance festival it’ll be the whole first wave
will line up to be released shortly what’s it what’s the date of the
festival on September the weekend of September 22nd
awesome well thank you Billy appreciate that
thanks for reaching out there. Yeah. We really appreciate it. I hope you have an
awesome day. Yeah, you guys too. Yeah. Thank You.

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