Brian Wampler is the founder and CEO of Wampler Pedals. Brian joins Aaron Sefchick, Joe McMurray, and Miles Harshman to discuss the world’s largest pedalboard, his favorite guitar effects pedals, how he spends his work-days and approaches design, and guitar amplifiers.
Recently, Brian participated in breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest guitar pedalboard (with Rob Scallon and several other effects pedals companies). He tells the guys about his experience and about meeting Alex Lifeson (the guitarist of Rush).
Brian tells the guys about his favorite pedals from Wampler Pedals. The guys want to know how he spends his workdays: from breadboarding to building plug-ins to creating content for social media.
Brian gives insight into the guitar amps that he uses to test his effects pedals during the design stage. The guys also talk about the merits of running a pedal through a clean amp vs. a naturally dirty/overdriven amp.  They also talk about the virtues of amp simulators.  Brian tells the guys about his own Wampler Bravado amplifier.
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Welcome back to another episode of Fret Buzz The Podcast. Hi my name is Aaron
Sefchick. I’m Joe McMurray. I’m Miles Harshman. And today it gives me great
pleasure to bring on the show Mr. Brian Wampler. Hello sir! how are you? Good how are
you guys? Great, we’re excited to have you. If you don’t know who Brian is, he’s the CEO of
Wampler pedals, he’s got two books out How to Modify Your Guitar Pedals and
Secrets of Huge Guitar Tone. Is that still out? The second one? Yeah, if it is, I didn’t even know. What’s
that has uh…it’s on the internet. I think. That’s probably the modification but yeah I
definitely have that one. Yeah that’s still on Amazon I think. I think the other
one, that was like, The Secrets of Guitar Tone or whatever, that was like 2002.
I would not recommend anyone read that or buy that. Like ever. Understandably. It’s pretty bad.
Yeah things have changed just a little bit. There are no secrets. That’s how I feel about
my old recording through 18 years ago it’s exactly like listening to your old
recordings you know when you first started playing guitar you’re like oh my
god what was I thinking yeah it was terrible he also has a YouTube channel
where he does pedal demos tips and how to’s a bunch of stuff on effects and
guitars and amps and a whole lot more he also has a podcast chasing tone podcast
with Blake Weiland who we’ve also had on fret buzz the podcast episode 49 and
recently not too long ago he got together with a couple of guys Robert
Keeley Josh Scott Ryan dick dick and they got together and did the biggest
the world’s largest pedal board for Guinness
Book of World Records Rob Scallon headed that all up with a total of 319 pedals
which is pretty impressive yeah it was crazy it’s loud and obnoxious and
unusable completely but there’s a lot of Pentacles yeah yeah yeah so yeah by all
means thanks for coming on the show Brian it’s a it’s wonderful to have you
yeah thanks having me yeah yeah that Guinness Book of World Records thing
that’s that was pretty impressive how did you how did you kind of I mean who
tagged you first how did you first hear about that and really I’m kind of
wondering like okay of the vast pedals that you have in your array how do you
kind of go yeah I’m gonna take cuz you guys each took about 20 or so pedals to
this I sent one of everything we have okay Wow so so basically sweet sweet
water really kind of well with Rob kind of really worked out all the details
yeah they contacted their vendors and
basically said you know here’s what we’re doing if you want to donate any
pedals for this then here’s the address to send it to and so I was talking to
them like you know what this is actually a pretty good opportunity for like you
know video and audio and stuff so what why don’t I I’ll do it but how about I
come there because Sweetwater’s fairly close to me so why don’t I come there
and you know I’ll be part of the video and if there’s any tech problems I can
work on it or whatever and so Natalie who’s kinda like I think she’s like the
head of their marketing department she said oh that’s a good idea I can get
maybe I can get some more manufacturers on board and we can do a much bigger
video than what we had planned and so that’s what they did it really just
started from you know send some pedals if you want them on the board to come
out and be a part of it and let’s let’s break some things so is Rob Scallon Rob
is a you fairly big youtuber yeah he’s got an 1.5 million subs or something
like that yeah but he he does a lot of it’s not necessarily like gear reviews
it’s mostly like all kinds of fun yeah guitar bass was still pretty funny stuff
yeah he does some interesting stuff like yeah hoarding on on wax records and all
kinds of crazy like he’s just out there and he has a whole lot of fun yeah yes I
just watched one where he went through some Chicago Church and looked at their
entire organ installed through the entire church was very interesting huh
very interesting that’s wild I haven’t seen that one bit mmm that’s well yeah
I’d love to play one of those church organs I think that’d be so fun
well you have even had an old one the kind of you pump with everything that’s
a choo-choo train remember doing that when you’re kid on the two bones yes
I’ll do that
yeah I’ve done that a couple times on 66
that brings back good memories yes he’ll know if you saw but Alex Lifeson from
Russia yeah oh yes I said that was yeah that
was pretty well that was totally unannounced yeah it was completely off
the cuff yeah it was all of a sudden like you guys were all kind of doing
your thing and then all of a sudden II I heard like whispers of like it’s funny
he was at my hotel that I was staying and so you know I’m just eating dinner I
got in late and eating dinner and little B holding like holy crap that’s Alex
Lifeson checking in he came by and I introduced myself and everything heated
up sitting down and had a beer and just you know just talks for awhile which is
pretty cool I was sitting there thinking like I wonder if he knows like how big
of an influence he is on me okay but and apparently he was in town to do a
separate thing for Sweetwater okay and yeah I don’t I don’t know like the
logistics of how it happened but yeah he basically just popped in and said let me
try it yeah that was quite a scene to see Alex
license with an eight-string not generally what he would play days I
don’t think ya know a head is 335 mostly didn’t he I think so a long time mm-hmm
yeah I didn’t know they drank that much I thought they were like the type of
guys that would like go on to her and like sitting there room and read that’s
pretty much what they said I thought that’s what they said in the documentary
is oh maybe that was just more Niel and he was pretty much the one it was just
like yeah I go back to the bedroom and just kind of nerd out I think all of
them did there so it sounded like yeah yeah well you got to have a beer with
him that’s awesome it’s um it’s always fun to meet your heroes it’s even cool
to like sit down and in like a real you know just like a different aptness your
normal atmosphere and just just talk about everything that’s not guitar
related so as odd as that sounds because no you know it’s like a real
conversation with another person versus three minutes you know in a meet and
greet lines yeah yeah people that we look up to and they you know I’m like
going to Guitar Center to play wampler pedals so I can prepare myself mentally
for this and then all of a sudden you’re in front of me
it’s underwhelming I understand love it I love good I love getting to talk to
people and ask the questions that I’m bitter driving me nuts I want you to
give us all the secrets of great tone today all the secrets it all starts with
a guitar trick and more Mel Bay less eBay you know oddly enough in selling
guitar pedals that’s not very popular to say but is the truth that’s the way to
sound better practice a lot yeah it’s true it’s true it really is you know
tone is so subjective and you got all these guys or like chasing tone and it’s
it’s amazing because you know after all these years of doing this for so long
it’s it’s like okay what really is tone and the tone that I hear is not gonna be
the same tone that you hear and how do we achieve that could be you know
achieved by many different ways yeah I mean it’s you can take the exact I mean
you know I’m sure you guys have talked about it before you take the exact same
set up and two different people play it and they can sound drastically different
I really depending on how good the player is he one player can take the
same setup and sound drastically different just by changing his playing
style and know how he’s playing yeah it phrasing and everything else that goes
along with it’s not related electronics at all yeah you know some there’s
there’s so much that goes into it outside of what capacitors did you use
or what happens did you use yeah that’s that’s really such a oh yeah that’s just
small pieces of puzzle when it comes down to it I mean to me like pedal
pedals are a lot like seasoning you know yeah we’re I mean you know you don’t
always want a tube screamer or claun but you may in certain situations you know
the same thing with you know that newest like the chase the chase bliss blooper
and that’s that’s really cool for some stuff probably really bad if you’re
gonna play lead lynyrd skynyrd covers all night it’s um it’s a looper that
does all kinds of crazy stuff so you can change the pitch slow it down make make
the loops themselves sound completely different so you it’s really like that
pedal is almost like playing you’re literally playing almost a different
instrument you’re playing guitar but what comes out is so much different than
what you would normally get from just a regular looper which is normally just
basically like playing the same sound over and over to me that’s kind of when
pedals start to become the instruments themselves it’s yeah chases chase bliss
stuff is a lot like that I find it it’s almost like an
instrument in itself which is you know like I said that’s that’s great for some
stuff but you know other times you just need meat and potatoes yeah good old
hole notes right but sometimes it is having a drive pedal of some sort is
kind of like my one thing I can’t that in some sort of reverb like I agree that
it’s mostly the player but there’s some things that make it drastically sound
drastically better it’s just easier to play your instrument oh absolutely yes
stained and yeah for sure I mean that’s I mean you’re definitely gonna need what
I guess what I would call home based stuff you know overdrive distortion a
tuner delay reverb maybe some modulation if you need something like that yeah but
then you have other bits and pieces that you know may may not necessarily be a
standard like a fuzz pedal but it is something that provides a piece of a
puzzle that you may not get anywhere else you know so and to me that’s kinda
like what she had that chase bliss stuff it fits like a little niche that you’re
not gonna find whenever you pick up a tube screamer
you know yeah we’re a to streamers much more I say tube screamer generically I
mean like overdrive but so words it’s something that you’re gonna use 90% the
time miles your fuzz guy you know that your fuzz is time I’ve got too many
puzzles at work or maybe not enough I guess I have never heard well I mean
it’s what your wallet says to you sometimes when you’re like maybe that’s
too much we do will you do a lot of mods and DIY type stuff right you just don’t
build yourself so yeah I wanna kind of keep poking at it’s just cuz you know
tweaking is fun mm-hmm like that that book was it being all the mods I went
through that one quite a bit and like tube screamer tried all those mods I
guess you have an op-amp big muff right now you don’t find too many mods for
that so no I mean I I keep promising everyone I’m gonna update that because I
think that book was written like two thousand five or six or something like
that it’s it’s kind of its kind of old in comparison to well one I know more
than I did then yeah and two like I’ve had another 12
years yeah a bunch of years fourteen years I guess now your knowledge has
probably come a long way since then yeah and I look at circuits completely
different now you know like I can look at after you stare at them every day all
day that you can start noticing patterns and you can take it’s weird because you
can kind of look at a schematic and almost hear what its gonna sound like
it’s so weird so it’s like reading schematics to me in my head I’m hearing
what’s happening at that output but you know it’s just a bunch of squiggly lines
and squares triangles yeah foreign language to everybody else right look at
you like why are you staring at that why would you do that to yourself
was it math hard enough in high school and you’re gonna do that it’s funny you
know some people like doodle squiggly lines when it when I’m doodling like I’m
on a phone call or something that’s incredibly boring I’ll just draw
schematics you have a go-to circuit you draw out you just like draw a boost
every no no it’s really I mean it’s always a jirt of some sort it’s always a
driver you know a distortion or fuzz probably just because that’s where my
head always goes to first and I’m not really like thinking like would be a
great circuit I’m just putting stuff together
you know like playing in the sand sort of not really doing much but just
drawing things you know and vacuous so I was on that phone call the other day and
it was quite boring like that I wasn’t talking much so right
just wasn’t a lot going on I was just sitting in line and by the time I got
done I I was looking at it and thinking this actually might sound pretty cool
exactly Morden let’s see and what I would call that but it would be funny if
that actually did become a product two hours of boredom
yeah out of all your pedals that you’ve you’ve designed what are a couple your
favorite like you personally your personal tastes and that you think that
schematically I’ve have you did a really good job with you know I mean it’s it’s
odd in a situation on man it’s a lot like it’s a lot like asking you know
Aerosmith what’s your favorite song that you guys play every night I mean I mean
I like him I do for sure like him but I’ve played him so much it’s almost fun
or for me to play somebody else’s stuff yeah not all the time but just because
it’s it’s a change right mm-hmm I think from our stuff like I like I like the
pinnacle circuitry the Plex drive circuitry I like probably the funnest
things that I work on are the newer stuff just because it is new to me you
know I mean the terraform is gonna be really cool which is a multi modulation
thing yeah yeah we’re doing some more stuff that delays and reverbs it’s a
project that’s really cool they’re like you’re Ariel no it’s this will be it’s
not out yet so because this is just a big a big project that you don’t know
about right okay and so that’ll be a fun project and okay I’ve been working on a
fuzz pedal that’s really it’s a lot of fun silly confess looking for a space
but um what else for my I mean gosh it’s like
if when I go out to play if I’m using my own stuff I always throw an ego
compressor on there and I just mix in just a little bit of compression cuz I’m
running so loud usually I usually I kind of go back and forth between the Tumnus
the pride of the plexi drive or the pentacle depending depending what you
know what to get calls for and then I probably easily throw an ethereal on
there unless it’s going to be unless the songs are like really delay intensive
you know meaning like it really requires accuracy and a specific kind of delay
sound sometimes I may run the photo tape echo in that instance with the ethereal
but yeah I mean like even like you would think that going out for gigs I would
have this big pedal board more than anything I take a lot of stuff with me
and I switch out in between sets and that’s like seasoning yeah it’s like
that’s the time that I get to try all the prototypes that I’m working on you
know and see see what they sound like with a band or something but yeah I mean
it’s it’s we I get that question a lot like which one’s your favorite and it’s
I feel like they’re gonna favor child yeah yeah the way it’s like if you’re
you think of a good analogy here you have you just don’t want to tell people
if you’re skid-row and people say don’t you love that song 18 and 5 you know
you’re thinking no I’ve been playing that song for 30 years I hate that song
but it makes the box yeah yeah I mean but I mean you know the truth is just
it’s really this like playing my own stuff every day I like it it’s just it’s
hard to really say which one’s my favorite I think my favorite is always
like the thing I’m working on right now because it’s it’s new it’s fresh and I
you know it’s it’s what I’m most excited about I have two questions
oh sure second one in a second how much of your day is consumed by bread
boarding um not nearly as much that like alright
a lot mean a lot of times it’s well let me answer your question probably
depending on what’s going on maybe on average three or four days a month maybe
okay so if I had to guess it probably about actually sitting down with an
analog breadboard a lot of what I do honestly revolves around sitting in
front of a DAW and running different plugins okay so we act so because we
actually make plugins as well internally not to the world yet but yeah yeah yeah
well I mean it’s I mean I you know we’ll never compete with waves or something
like that yeah but we do make plugins internally to kind of figure out what we
want to do on future pedals yeah so for example we may make well like okay so
we’re working on a delay I think I have probably 25 or 30 different just delay
plugins that sound different and are doing something different and that’s
just an attempt to narrow down what we want this delay pedal to sound like okay
if that makes sense so show me it’s so let’s think so I’ll put that and plug in
my DAW and then I’ll run my stuff I use the Focusrite Saffire and I’ll run that
to my amp so I’ll basically use that the computer kind of as a very kind of
glorified pedal in itself yeah ramp when ramping not really
reacting I’m literally playing through it in real time okay but I’m just using
the plugin is doing the heavy lifting so to speak of of the effect and then I’ll
run that to the amp and that that’ll allow me to kind of tweak different
things and you know maybe maybe I want to do something different with EQ on the
on the echos so I can you know run parallel paths and just affect just the
delay circuit right but I also have a couple engineers worth if it needs
be something drastically different than they’ll recode it and send it to me and
then I’ll check that version so I forget your is no question actually the whole
bread boarding in it okay yeah yeah in terms of like sitting down and and
creating tones and because I would I mean you’ve been doing this for a long
time yeah and that’s like that’s the cream of your crop that’s that’s that’s
your passion right there is sitting down with you know a couple circuits and
going to town yeah the thing is I mean so bread breadboard obviously would be
more of an analog thing right so there’s different bits and pieces that require
use of a plugin versus analog obviously so if you’re making an analog delay
you’re gonna build it on a breadboard right but if you’re doing something
completely in a digital realm then it’s pretty much gonna be on a doll
environment for us or at least in designing it right with like DSP and or
not yes yeah I’d be strictly a digital digital product it’s just much easier to
do it that way so I mean so that wouldn’t really call that bread boarding
but that’s still circuit design right you know that that place that’s a big
part of my time and then you know make making videos and trying to create
content that’s probably 50% of my time it’s just it just takes so much time
this day and age I feel like they may need for anyone who creates content to
constantly create overwhelming oh it’s yes and that’s constant it’s every week
as soon as it’s like as soon as you get one project done then just start on the
end I need content yeah I mean you know
information in events really are they last about two weeks you know I’m like I
mean for example you might remember a month ago whenever there was a video
released of was it like a backhoe or something right over running over a
bunch of Finn Gibson guitars oh the Gibson’s all this future yeah thanks
yeah that seems like ages ago you know it literally was like 30 days
ago right for the play authentic thing right right the play off anything what
was that four months ago yeah and to comment on that video would feel like
all right no one’s talking about this anymore like why are you commenting
that’s exactly right and so as since that’s the way information feels it’s
very very much a throwaway information yeah and you know we caught brands
companies constantly have to put out new stuff week after week after week after
week so which is why we had the podcast and the video channel and facebook video
and Instagram video and and here shortly we’re actually getting ready to divide
those so the videos that you see on Instagram will be different than the
videos you see on Facebook which will be different than the videos you see on
YouTube oh wow so basically I’ve just decided to stop sleeping at this point
yeah right it almost feels like Truman Show remember that movie eh yeah it’s
like turn would show except it’s a lot more fun to you know play with guitar
pedals and stick in front of it I will say your your YouTube channel is quite
impressive you guys have tons of really good information I mean it’s really and
not to mention also your blog very cool lots of good stuff there no thank you I
mean there’s there’s a team behind me that really helped with it I mean
there’s a you know guy named Jason Wilding who actually writes most the
blog Jason and I was clay yeah that was my second question was about your team
and you obviously have a team behind you and they help you out quite tremendously
and you got owe a lot to the people that are behind you and helped run the whole
operation that’s great yeah yeah I mean and they’ve been working with me for so
long like they they kind of they know like how I would say something or what
my thoughts would be on a lot of different things yeah so you know i I’ve
kind of give them given them the leeway over time – all right here’s the
Facebook you know here’s the Facebook page put out cool stuff you know you
know and every now and then something happened and I’ll say that’s not what I
would say at all don’t do that
but but for the most part you know when it comes to ideas about tones and
thoughts on the guitar industry in general it helps to have a team of guys
who who have like minds to really back it up you know yeah so and it’s to do it
myself would be pretty much impossible no there’s no way I could write there’s
just too much going on yeah we need you making guitar pedals that’s what I
rather be doing the world needs you making your pedals more than everything
else yeah and through all of my you know are you kind of saying you know that’s
not that’s not how I would say it it kind of brings up mm-hmm over the past
couple of days I’ve been kind of thinking going through the interwebs and
checking you out and whatnot like that and I definitely see this common thread
from the very beginning all the way till now where you are it seems to me Brian
that you are very customer oriented I know you say that a lot and we’ve I’ve
heard you through chasing tone and whatnot like that and there’s a lot of
people who like you’ve said in multiple articles where you know from the
beginning there are these dealers or manufacturers who have this good
intention but as they gain a notoriety there is something that falters but yous
definitely to me seem to be consistent through all that where you care about
the customers you always have even all the way back to
the forums where you’re just you know helping them out spending many hours
writing emails to people and and that continues today where you’re just all
about making sure that your customers and the people that you service are
happy and that that’s that’s awesome to go on forms is brave I still do you know
visit a secure page and telecaster discussion page and a few of
them like that I mean not as much as I used to because just because gear groups
on Facebook kind of have taken the place of a lot of that stuff you know but but
yeah I mean it even from the beginning I always my thought was that we wouldn’t
exist if it wasn’t for the customer so therefore when a customer’s the
customers the boss you know they’re the ones that that really they’re the ones
that give you your paycheck and I think people not I don’t think it’s as
prevalent necessarily like the high-end guitar pedal market but some parts of
the in my industry where people forget that and they start just focusing on
making money and then you get a crap product and crap service and you know
just it makes it for a bad experience for everyone and then they lose market
share and they’re trying to figure out how do they get it back and then they
try to think of tactics to get it back you know and then the end the problem is
really that you kind of lost your focus like you your customers tell you what
they want to buy from you and you’re supposed to make that there’s something
not right let me know and I’ll and I’ll make sure if there’s a problem I mean
the first thing to do is not necessarily to go in a forum and tell everyone about
how you know your peddle broke and it shouldn’t have like get a hold of the
manufacturer and most most of the time they’ll be pretty quick to get it fixed
you know you know and ifs and things do go wrong I mean there’s times that this
problems happen mmm no you know but I think with with clarity with the
customer it goes a long way there are some people though that like no matter
what when something breaks they’re just gonna throw it away and I don’t know
petals I’ve gotten off eBay that literally like you just need to put some
dioxin in the switch and it’s totally fine just like oh well like a wire de
stroke great way to do is just ask the manufacturer like hey that’s broken then
you know they’d probably fix it for you right no no
yeah that’s its I mean the guitar pedal industry is actually pretty small it
doesn’t seem like it from the outside but you know a lot of us are pretty good
friends and we talk to each other a lot and I think we all have pretty much the
same ideals not I mean there’s obviously exceptions to the rule for companies
that really trying to take it the best way to push me don’t really have the
customers best interest in in heart but but that’s the that’s the exception I
think they’re not it they’re not invited to the bowling team that’s right they
can’t go bowling with us again I want to jump back to the tone thing sure
I was Erin was a brought up kind of a different subject but it you know you
you to me the sound of the pedal is very very dependent on the amp and the guitar
it’s like what what do you typically use and are there certain pedals that you
have that are aimed it like you know single coil Telecaster and some are like
made to pair with the naturally over driven ham for something like that from
a design perspective I usually start out with the Telecaster just because it’s
you know it’s kind of a good middle of the road plus I mean they’re built like
a tank so you can step on it and it won’t break usually but it’s I start
from there once you get something I like then I’ll go to kind of several
different guitars I got a couple different sectors and a PRS and some
strats and Les Paul and just a variety of different guitars that I’ll play each
one through that circuit same thing with amps so I’m usually starting with a
Fender amp of some sort and then I go to you know once I get the design that I’m
somewhat happy with then I’ll go through boxes mess of boogie mark a couple
different Marshalls what else am I going through in there
blues jr. Pro jr. some PvP be classics couple different classes basically just
a bunch of different kind of topologies to make sure that it’s gonna work with
all the all the different styles of amps because the reality is is there’s
generally only a handful of different types of amps there may be different
modifications to that circuit but I mean I a long time there’s a long tail there
yeah yeah yeah again a long-tailed well they’re very nerdy thing but it’s kind
of phase inverter that’s in certain amplifiers and you can almost assume
that they’re all gonna behave similarly depending on they all have like 10k tail
you know a basement it’s things that look like a basement are gonna end up
feeling like a basement right you know yeah for the for the most part they’re
gonna react the same certainly eyes yeah just just basically a built off of a few
different platforms you know so what what are those different amps that like
the different categories that you do to me I mean I kind of I kind of look at it
if I had to split it into which I’m trying to dumb this down a little bit
more so because the vast majority of the audiences it’s good only you and me too
much circuit design wise like I’m thinking Vox like if I had to summarize
it the same AC AC 30 or AC 15 a plexi style circuit so that which kind of
includes like a basement style thing and then like a black face or a fender type
topology like that’s that’s what wanting to make sure that our pedals work with
the best eye I mean there are pedals that work with better for an over driven
tone like durty amp like let’s say the Tumnus or even like a tube screamers
like that if you have a dirty amp it’s always going it’s gonna hit that front
end a lot harder and get a lot crunch versus something like you know if you
got a big muff style it’s gonna still sound cool but it’s not gonna do the
same thing so those so that style pedal even though it can overdrive on its own
it also will make a dirty amp even crunch your and tiger it’s definitely
what I was yeah but I don’t but I think there’s also you also have a group of
people who will take a tube screamer or take well let’s stay to score and just
use that for the dirt I mean Stevie Ray Vaughn did that a lot
where he would just have like like tightrope for example is basically a
dirty 8 808 it’s a 32 trimmer you know and that’s that’s not a he’s not pushing
a Marshall plexi and clipping like you know like what you’d have with you know
traditional classic rock style tones even though they may still you know like
on Metallica a lot of was a ride the lightning era around that time there was
a lot of Marshalls that were being pushed with a tubescreamer circuit
completely different tones still using the same pedal just using it differently
I definitely find like for me running a tube screamer through my amp clean it’s
not isn’t the sound that I want but then when it as soon as I push my my amp a
bit it’s like I don’t know that there’s anything better depending from gig to
Gig if I’m outside I have to like completely change my pedal the the
settings on all of my pedals in order to get the sound I want compared to being
inside where my am said a much lower volume right yeah it’s it’s uh it’s
quite a bit fun or whenever you have some have the ability to crank it up a
little bit yeah yeah but I mean but there are some people that you know
that’s that’s their gig that’s your jam is you know plan a tube screamer or you
know and I say a tube screamer mean what I mean is like a soft clipping type of
pedal that you know into a clean amp to a crystal clean amp that’s just what
they do and so make it you know I could I again I go back to the seasoning
analogy I mean there’s there’s times that you need pepper and there’s times
that you need you know mayonnaise you know man isn’t
really a seasoning but you see what I’m gonna define the flavor yes do totally
different things but they still applied to you know put them in food so what
what are your thoughts on it’s like I I love my my rig but there are definitely
times when I you know I go to Guitar Center and get to plug into something
else and and I have a little bit of guitar Envy for a different sound and
we’ve recently had some people on the show talking about some of the things
like the line six helix and some of the other amp simulators mm-hmm have you
spent any time playing through those and do you have a much of an opinion about
them when way or the other yeah I mean I think they’re incredibly
handy I think that type of technology is ridiculously accurate especially if
you’re if you’re in a situation where you can’t really crank an amp up like
whether that’s you know a club somewhere that just doesn’t have the ability to
mic things up properly or doesn’t you know doesn’t have maybe like if you’re
in a city where you can’t relate to rag your two 12 cabinet inside of a cab you
know and get to the gig then you need some way to amplify and I think this is
a great way to do it or if you just want consistency want the exact same sound
every night that you know you don’t have to mess with it’s just a setting it
doesn’t change because it’s digital and you know just is what it is I think
that’s that’s great but it doesn’t it doesn’t compare when you put both in the
same room when you’re playing through a digital unit through a full range
speaker system it doesn’t compare to having the actual amp in the room you
know turn crank way up loud so loud that it’s shaking every bone in your body
it’s just it’s it’s a completely different thing it’s almost a religious
experience and I mean I think they they can sound somewhat different but to the
player like there’s there’s many things that’s going on like you’re
reacting with a lot of different components and I don’t mean like
capacitors resistors necessarily but sound level yeah sound pressure level
even the way like the way the signal is hitting the circuit itself think you’re
attack and you can kind of simulate that in digital but it’s just not it’s not
the exact same thing I think there’s just you know it’s there’s a difference
between watching a 4k video and experiencing it real life no you know at
the both the same picture but one just has this this different component to it
that you can’t put your finger on it it’s just much more alive real you know
why I’m in I’m in the same camp I I’ve been I was impressed by the line six to
but I I don’t think I could switch especially career amount of money like I
already I love my sound I don’t want to write I don’t need to reinvent the wheel
I mean you know if I was doing it if I was doing a gig somewhere where it was
just the same songs every night and we were just going place to place to place
and they I didn’t really want to be there anyways and I didn’t want the
hassle of messing with setting anything up basically if if that was my day job
and I hated it yeah I just wanted to get through it then I think that that
application works fine yeah you know you use a simulated device all you want but
to me that half the fun is half the fun is interacting with what you’re playing
and interacting I mean just the way that the amp and the tools that you’re using
are working with or against you sometimes when you fight it and when
it’s fighting you there’s there’s some beauty in that you know and it’s it
that’s a hard thing to explain I’m having trouble explaining myself but
there’s definitely some times where you know you just you’re you’re you’re
fighting the the context of what you’re playing but it still works out in a very
cool way like it inspires you to play something different or play some player
a way that you haven’t played before
and I think you know if I was if I was doing an acoustic gig and you know some
open mic jam or something yeah I’m probably not gonna drag a Marshall with
me you know but I mean they have their place they’re convenient I know this
week has this past weekend you and Blake on the Past chasing tone episode we’re
talking about ir’s and how you go through your process of recording and
and you know I always have their place they’re convenient they’re you know you
can come up with many different combinations but you’re right there is
absolutely nothing like plugging in and just cranking it up and oh man yeah yeah
I mean if I was recording an album you know I would definitely mic everything
with really well with good good mics and use good preamps and all that sort of
thing but you know like I said on the podcast if if I’m just making something
for YouTube I know YouTube’s gonna destroy it anyway by the time they
compress it so any hours worked just fine I don’t think you can tell a
difference on YouTube I got a question how would how did you go about designing
the bravado amplifier how do you how do you make a platform cuz I mean we talked
about like you know a long hair earlier the statement that I said was rather
general in terms of like the long hair is not just simply a long till they’re
you know right how much negative feedback is there etc etc right with
with me I was really wanting to go I was actually wanting to make it a three
channel I was really wanting to go over my well the problem is that well one
cost I didn’t want to be a $4,000 amp and I thought maybe that if we if we
didn’t do like a pedal platform at first then it might not be really even given a
serious thought mostly mostly because we so mostly to retailers and I think
retailers kind of look at things through a very data based lens you know like
it would make more sense of your retailer to buy an amp from a pedal
company that was a pedal platform amp versus you know something that that
doesn’t create you know triple rectifier tones yeah yeah and even though that you
know the making a pedal and making an amp the two worlds aren’t that
drastically different they’re pretty similar but it doesn’t you know selling
product products and making products or two different things
so so I guess where I was coming from that I wanted a good pedal platform
which is to me that starsin blackface but then there’s things I don’t like
about a deluxe or twin like there’s no mids a lot of the mids get well there is
mids but it’s kind of this hongki’s kind of thing and I mean it then it’s scooped
out and part of the other area and it’s a little bass heavy and it can be a
little chirpy but you only have like a you know two positions you have a dull
setting and you have a stupidly bright setting on a black face and you got to
kind of work in between those parameters so I’m like why don’t we just create a
knob that will allow you to go from that dull and then sweep to that bright and
it works completely different than like a presence control or treble control so
it’s it’s it’s actually changing its changing that that high-pass filter
there but on the volume knob so you probably know I’m talking about yeah so
it’s it’s changing that so which is is going to that part of the circuit is
going to really dictate whenever you throw a drive in front of an amp it’s
gonna really dictate whether it’s fizzy or whether it’s you know a little chirpy
or just basically its own control like a sizzle yeah that’s that I mean you hear
a lot of people know they’re talking about Deluxe’s and they say cut out the
bright cap that’s what they’re talking about
mm-hmm but yeah that capacitor forms a filter of sorts that kind of takes that
distortion and just adds this really sizzle to it so I wanted to be able to
have different degrees of that because I also think that if you’re playing a dark
guitar you really want some more brightness mm-hmm
and if you’re playing a Telecaster or a Stratocaster you don’t need to have
practice at all it’s plenty bright usually no and I think I think that was
a good way to do it and then I also wanted more Headroom so like a deluxe is
cool but it eclipsed I think six B’s kind of clip a little bit differently
than like a 6l6 I think 6l6 is a little more bottom and and in that that type of
circuit it give it a little more Headroom you just change the phase
invert a little bit so it didn’t distort quite as much mm-hmm and yeah so that’s
where we were where we started from like I said I I actually wanted to make
two different gain channels on maybe the future I can see what I want you to
start with a puddle platform at least err where it makes the most sense to
start with a puddle platform and then probably build build off of that because
they probably were thinking whoa if you builder the emphasis Orson aren’t you
just kind of you know cutting out the market for your own pedals yeah could be
so maybe yes what make another product just like Apple you know let’s let’s
make another product to go with your other products right what do they call
it a different level seamless integration right so yeah that’s I mean
I don’t know we may do another hand um I would I would like to I’ve got some more
designs I have done but the tubing at market right now is in a really weird
place especially with you know hand wired stuff it’s just it’s not it’s it’s
ultra competitive there’s a lot of people in it but it doesn’t seem like
it’s thriving like it once was here four years ago so I don’t know I may sit on
it usually that stuff is pretty cyclical so there may sit on that for a little
bit till kind of comes back around will the next one be a smaller amp do you
think I yeah I’ve got some I’ve got some definitely lower lower wattage designs
that I’ve kind of gotten to tank you know what’s your favorite low wattage
amp you know I I really like taking thing to do is take like jcm800 and and
just make it like a 5 watt version that’s that’s a fun thing to do
what’s the one did single yeah yeah better and I think people get hung up so
much on wattage too I mean I can I don’t know I mean you can
you can get at in you know 10 or 15 watt amp you can get a pretty loud if you
want yeah I ever my box one of those a c4c ones one of those new AC fours yep
and I popped it open just because it needed some service and the tubes were
completely cooked and the el84 was I think at like 14 watts or something for
the 12 max right so turn it on then that thing was just immediately like whoa
Deluxe over here you know clipping way quicker but I mean right now in terms of
volume oh yeah don’t think that a 4 watt amp is yes you
know well that 14 watts isn’t gonna be like e-40 right yeah I’m actually a
bigger fan of taking higher wattage amps and just using a good attenuator really
I mean that’s that’s where I kind of live most the time have you tried the
the new ox or the Wazza amp expanders haven’t tried the boss I’ve tried the ox
yeah this is pretty cool I like it I’m using it with the dog or just through a
speaker cuz I know there’s like extra features when you use it with the dog
when I tried it it was with speakers yeah I think of this one as he was
careful I try I don’t I don’t have one but uh because I heard you can add like
reverb and delay where you’re able to add that through the speaker I believe
so yeah it’s been a bit ago since I did it they I think so I heard you could
only do like one or the other through the door
oh yeah that’s maybe that’s the future they’ve expanded yeah I’m not sure cuz I
wasn’t at the controls I was on the guitar there are they’re turning things
for me yeah thank you I can’t really
it’s that accurately but yes I mean it seemed pretty cool you know I I don’t
know at the other day like not to me again nothing nothing beats just having
didn’t act and actually up in the room let me know all that’s again the ox and
the campers and the fractals it’s all super handy you know it’s just man just
I’d rather have the actual guitar amp speaker next to me you know yeah it’s
just it sounds different than a mic sound you’re always gonna get you’re
always going to get the sound of the mic and the preamp and everything else in
the room it was it was recorded in and we also I think like the sound pressure
level would have a lot to do with how it feeds back mm-hmm into the circuit
itself and if you simply just don’t have that volume there’s no way I could ever
actually sound or feel the same way as if it was actually at the real volume
great so yeah yeah I mean you know stuff is it’s super handy but it’s not uh it’s
not super inspiring to me you know if I like it if I’m if I’m writing something
or if I I’m playing out somewhere I would just rather have the the real
thing it’s just more enjoyable to me you know yeah this has been awesome you guys
are some good technically well we can’t obviously have Brian wampler on a show
and not end with some kind of question about food so sir what are you having
for lunch today I probably know I got like a weird eating schedule so I kind
of just intermittent fasting thing where I basically don’t eat until the
afternoon and I just need a ton of food if I do have lunch dinner that’s okay oh
it’s no wonder you crazy food if you starve yourself all day yeah
I’m really this is gonna sound weird but I’m not really a fan of eating it’s kind
of a pain in the ass yeah really really not like I just
you don’t like chewing or I don’t like taking the time to stop right it’s like
the forced the forced stop is welcome I I don’t you just want to keep going I
really I really do yeah it irritates me when I’ve never I get tired and gotta go
to bed so we get to like those meal pills where you can just like take a
yeah yes and yet for that yeah again like you were talking about on this past
podcast with chasing tone you were talking about how you don’t do movies
you don’t do television I’m like yep right there with you I mean you know
there’s there’s a lot of people that are into playing guitar and into effects and
and that sort of thing and I get it but imagine if that was your job and that’s
what you did every day either you know it’s it’s like there’s never really like
a grind where you’re dreading going to work yeah you know and so as a result
like there’s so many things that I want to do and you know both not with just
products but with the company and and you know where I’d like to see us in
five or ten years and you know there’s not enough time there’s never enough
time so it’s uh so I guess to answer your question like if if I eat it’s
generally like hmm what can I make quickly all right chicken it is that’s
let’s throw it in the oven it’ll be fine so you don’t have comfort food at all I
don’t do that for food so no I think
I’ve recently been on an ice cream drumstick kick so all you know and maybe
a nutty buddy it’s just yeah I mean we just buy big box of drumsticks and if I
get hungry I’ll go grab one and take it you know take it with me and scarf it
down real quick just to get me through that’s
probably not very healthy by the way but uh that’s probably as close to lunch as
I get is probably a drumstick it’s a lot of times I perform on the oceanfront
here in Virginia Beach and they’ll put me in front of Cora Brothers ice cream a
lot of times and so for like three and a half hours I’m like smelling waffle
cones baking and why people eat ice cream while they watch me play and
that’s fantastic it’s it’s kind of torture though and so I’ve like I was
never an ice-cream guy but in the past two summers I’ve become like after every
show I come home and I have a waffle cone with ice the waffle cones gonna get
the waffle cone smells so good oh that’s fantastic
yeah I worked at a ice cream parlour for four years so I love I saw Wow
if I did that I’d be 500 pounds so whenever I go to Harris Teeter the
grocery store whenever they have pie is on sale I like I can’t stop myself and
I’ll buy I’ll buy an on sale pie I realized recently that I’ve been to I
think I’ve had pie like constantly for the past like four weeks I had to get
her different grocery store to just like not not see on sale pies pie a nap and
vanilla ice cream is insanely good time
well Bryan thank you very much for coming on it’s it’s been wonderful we
really do appreciate you stop it on by well thanks have any yeah thank you very
much could you tell everybody where they can
find out more information about you and Wampler petals sure you can check out
the internet walter petals calm facebook / waffle petals instagram / wampler
petals twitter / walk foot petals just look up there’s not really a URL for
youtube so just like a poplar pedal ship you’ll see it and
there’s anything I’m forgetting no no tick tock yet you got personal snapchat
but I never use really anymore but that’s about it and chasing tote
it’s tasty too there you go about the podcast so yeah she seemed tone podcast
if you’re into audio thank you Brian well thank you guys I appreciate it yeah
me too that’s my scream a little in fact earlier yeah

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